Eight Lectures on Prophecy

W. Trotter and T. Smith

(New Edition, Broom & Rouse, 1890.)


  1. The Importance of Prophetic Study,
  2. The Second Coming of Christ Pre-Millennial.
  3. The Return and Restoration of the Jews.
  4. The Millennial Reign of Christ,
  5. The Distinct Calling and Glory of the Church,
  6. The Predicted Corruption of Christianity,
  7. The Times of the Gentiles:
  8. The Hope of the Church;
Appendix: The Church Removed before the Apocalyptic Judgments.


These Lectures were delivered, and are now printed, for the benefit of Christians almost or altogether unacquainted with the subjects of which they treat, hence their strictly elementary character.

The following pages are, to a great extent, a transcript of the reporter's notes. Where, however, a sentiment was not clearly expressed, or where an illustration or argument naturally suggested itself, which had been emitted in delivery, the authors have not scrupled to alter or to add. A few explanatory remarks are prefixed to Lecture 3; and a subject not entered on in the Lectures, because less elementary than they were intended to be, is considered to some extent in an Appendix which closes the work.

The Lord grant that, if he should yet a little longer delay his coming, these pages may be used of him to stir up the hearts of some of his people, and lead them to live and act "like unto men that wait for their Lord."