W. Trotter

Biographical Note

Plain Papers on Prophetic and Other Subjects

The Heavenly Hope;
Approaching Judgments.
The Coming Crisis and Its Results.
The Doom of Christendom;
Christ and the Church
Israel in the Past and Present.
Israel's Future Restoration.
Israel's Restoration Introductory to Millennial Blessedness.
The Great Prophetic Question:
Waiting for Christ;
Ecclesiastical Corruption and Apostacy.
The Last Days of Gentile Supremacy.
Israel in the Approaching Crisis.
The Spared Remnant.
The Martyred Remnant:
Apocalyptic Interpretation.
"The First Resurrection."
The Millennium.
A Recapitulation;
Objections Answered.

Eight Lectures on Prophecy

  1. The Importance of Prophetic Study,
  2. The Second Coming of Christ Pre-Millennial.
  3. The Return and Restoration of the Jews.
  4. The Millennial Reign of Christ,
  5. The Distinct Calling and Glory of the Church,
  6. The Predicted Corruption of Christianity,
  7. The Times of the Gentiles:
  8. The Hope of the Church;
Appendix: The Church Removed before the Apocalyptic Judgments.

Other writings

The Church Removed before the Apocalyptic Judgments.
Scripture Queries and Answers.
The Secret of Blessedness
A Full Christ for Empty Sinners.
Essays on Prophetic Interpretation.
The Kingdom of God.
Man's will and God's Grace.
The Power, Goodness, and Love of God. (A poem)
Five Letters on Worship and Ministry in the Spirit.
Bethesda in September 1857;
What are Mr. Newton's Present Doctrines?
The Origin of (so-called) Open-Brethrenism.
A Letter: On Liberty of Ministry.