Night Scenes of Scripture

Seventeen Bible Night Scenes, illustrating and elucidating various truths of the Gospel.

by W. T. P. Wolston, M.D., 1896.


Chapter  1 A Night in Bethlehem — Incarnation
Chapter  2 Another Night in Bethlehem — Adoration
Chapter  3 A Night of Flight — Rejection
Chapter  4 A Night on a Mount — Transfiguration
Chapter  5 A Night of Sorrow — Propitiation
Chapter  6 A Night in Darkness — Regeneration
Chapter  7 A Night in Egypt — Redemption
Chapter  8 A Night in the Sea — Salvation
Chapter  9 A Night in a Camp — Appropriation
Chapter 10 A Night among the Stars — Justification
Chapter 11 A Night in Sodom — Procrastination
Chapter 12 A Night of Wrestling — Determination
Chapter 13 A Night in a Palace — Admonition
Chapter 14 A Night among Lions — Devotion
Chapter 15 A Night in a Counting-House — Miscalculation
Chapter 16 A Night in Prison — Emancipation
Chapter 17 A Night Without a Morning — Resurrection


The Gospel Addresses which form this little volume were taken down, in shorthand, as delivered. They have been revised, and are now sent out, with the prayer, and hope, that God may use them to arouse the careless, and help the already awakened.

They are but efforts to present the gospel in various aspects, and from different points of view.

May the gracious Lord be pleased to bless their publication to the help of souls, hungering and thirsting for "the unsearchable riches of Christ," even as, in His infinite grace, He blessed and saved the Author, thirty-five years ago this day.
W. T. P. W.
46 Charlotte Square,
Edinburgh, 16th December 1895.