Seekers for Light.

Fourteen Addresses to Edinburgh Students.

by W. T. P. Wolston, M.D.


Chapter  1 A Fisherman's Discovery
Chapter  2 Truth — What is it?
Chapter  3 A Publican's Guest
Chapter  4 A Ruler's Difficulty
Chapter  5 A Thief's Confession
Chapter  6 Grace — What is it?
Chapter  7 A Chancellor of the Exchequer's Dilemma
Chapter  8 Eternal Life- How to get it
Chapter  9 A Soldier's Desire
Chapter 10 Faith — What is it?
Chapter 11 A Jailor's Enquiry
Chapter 12 A Rich Man's Perplexity
Chapter 13 A Prisoner and a King
Chapter 14 "No Man Can Serve Two Masters"


God takes great interest in young men. Life is before them, and He would have that life devoted to Him. It was an angel who first heard the command, "Run, speak to this young man" (Zech. 2:4), but, since then, He has often stirred His servants to specially seek them. It was an impulse of that sort which led to the delivery of the addresses in this little volume, and the Lord graciously blessed the spoken word to many a youthful heart.

The knowledge of this has led to their publication. That God may deign, by these simple unvarnished words, to win many more hearts for His dear Son, is the fervent desire, and prayer of the Author.

46 Charlotte Square,

Edinburgh, 16th December 1897.