"Another Comforter"

Thirteen Lectures on the Operations of the Holy Ghost.
by W. T. P. Wolston, M.D.,
Fourth Edition. 1945


Lecture  1 The Spirit in Old Testament Times
Lecture  2 "Born of Water and of the Spirit"
Lecture  3 "A Well of Water;" or, "Worship in Spirit and in truth"
Lecture  4 "Rivers of Living Water"
Lecture  5 "Another Comforter… the Spirit of truth"
Lecture  6 "Receive Ye the Holy Ghost;" or, "Life more abundantly"
Lecture  7 The Day of Pentecost
Lecture  8 The Gift of the Spirit
Lecture  9 "In Christ"
Lecture 10 The Baptism of the Spirit
Lecture 11 The Gifts of the Spirit
Lecture 12 Spiritual Offices
Lecture 13 "The Seven Spirits of God"

Preface to First Edition.

The Holy Ghost is the essence of Christianity, and to miss a divine apprehension of His present actings is but to ensure for the soul a spiritual blight, in every way to be deprecated. Hence it is of paramount importance for every child of God to be clear about the subject of the following pages. So important and withal so plain is the truth here outlined, that the Author makes no apology for his little volume, which is only an attempt to help the young in Christ to a better understanding of the Word of God.

The Lectures as delivered were taken down in shorthand, and have been revised for publication. They are now committed to the care of Him of whom they treat, with the hope and prayer, that He may by them lead some souls into a deeper enjoyment of that which is even now their own.
W. T. P. W
46 Charlotte Square,
Edinburgh, 12th September 1892.

Preface to Second Edition.

The exhaustion of a large first edition of this volume evinces a sustained interest in the deeply important subject of which it treats, and renders a second necessary.

No change has been made in the contents; and the little volume is again sent forth with prayer that the Lord may by its pages help "His own" to a fuller apprehension of the truth regarding the Holy Spirit of God.
W. T. P. W.
46 Charlotte Square,
Edinburgh, 1st January 1900.