Histories and biographies for the Young new!

From Scottish Moors To African Swamps. Missionary Life in Uganda (C. J. L.)
The Boyhood of Well-known Christian Men. (G. W.)
Stories of East London or, Peeps into Busy Places. (C. J. L.)
Martyr Tales and Sketches for the young (G. W.)
Mayken Karlzon's Diary, A story of the Inquisition in Spain and Holland. (C. J. L.)
Wycliffe's Work for England (L. Laurenson)
Christianity in Britain (L. Laurenson.)
A Concise History of the Church; Apostolic Era to the Reformation. (Alfred E. Knight)
Persecution and Profession: Church History to the Fifth Century. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Darkness of the Dark Ages: Church History: A.D. 500 — Reformation. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Lights and Shadows of the Reformation (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Light Amid the Darkness, as Seen in the Life of Luther (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Heroes of the Reformation: Their Trials and Triumphs. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)

For the Young

Christian Privileges (Publisher: Geo. Morrish) new!
Our Father's Will, History of the Text of the New Testament. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish) new!
Four truths Every Christian Should Know About Salvation (E. C. Hadley)
You can have a happy life (E. C. Hadley)
Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment (G. Cutting)
Twelve Letters to Young Believers (E. Dennett)
Seven Hints to Young Believers (Dr. C. J. Davis)
Counsels to Young Christians (W. Scott)

Samples from Other Authors

Ye are Christ's James Mawson
Full Redemption Charles Stanley
On Reading the Scriptures William Hocking
How to "run well" Frank Hole
Jonathan; or, A good start Walter Wolston
Communion with God: What is it? Charles Mackintosh
"What think ye of Christ? Whose Son is He?" William Fereday
Joseph - Revealer of Secrets, Saviour of the World Hamilton Smith
"The grace that is in Christ Jesus" William Westcott
To a Young Sister A. Miller