Histories and biographies for Young Peoplenew!

From Scottish Moors To African Swamps. Missionary Life in Uganda (C. J. L.)
The Boyhood of Well-known Christian Men. (G. W.)
Stories of East London or, Peeps into Busy Places. (C. J. L.)
Martyr Tales and Sketches for the young (G. W.)
Mayken Karlzon's Diary, A story of the Inquisition in Spain and Holland. (C. J. L.)
Wycliffe's Work for England (L. Laurenson)
Christianity in Britain (L. Laurenson.)
A Concise History of the Church; Apostolic Era to the Reformation. (Alfred E. Knight)
Persecution and Profession: Church History to the Fifth Century. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Darkness of the Dark Ages: Church History: A.D. 500 — Reformation. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Lights and Shadows of the Reformation (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Light Amid the Darkness, as Seen in the Life of Luther (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)
Heroes of the Reformation: Their Trials and Triumphs. (Publisher: Geo. Morrish)

Miller's Church History

1: The Rock Foundation
2: The Day of Pentecost
3: The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered
4: The First Missionaries of the Cross
5: The Apostle Paul
6: Paul's Third Missionary Journey
7: The Burning of Rome
8: The Internal History of the Church
9: From Commodus till the Accession of Constantine.
10: Constantine the Great
11: The Council of Nice
12: The Internal History of the Church
13: The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira
14: The Spread of Christianity Over Europe
15: Mohammed, the False Prophet of Asia.
16: The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace
17: The Propagation of Christianity
18: The Church-Building Spirit Revived.
19: The Pontificate of Gregory VII
20: The Crusades
21: Henry V and Gregory's Successors
22: The Encroachments of Rome in England
23: The Theology of the Church of Rome
24: Innocent III and His Times
25: Innocent and the South of France
26: The Inquisition Established in Languedoc
27: The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation
28: The Decline of Papal Power
29: The Forerunners of the Reformation
30: John Wycliffe
31: The Reformation Movement in Bohemia
32: The Capture of Constantinople
33: The Reformation in Germany
34: The First Papal Jubilee
35: Luther at Wartburg.
36: Protestantism
37: The Sacramentarian Controversy
38: The Council at Bologna
39: The Popish Refutation
40: The Reformation in Switzerland
41: The Leaders of the Reformation in Switzerland
42: The Results of the Disputations
43: The General Progress of Reform
44: The Extension of Reform in Switzerland.
45: The Reformation in Germany
46: The Opening of the Council of Trent
47: "The Interim"
48: The Effect of the Reformation in Germany on the Nations of Europe
49: The Reformation in French Switzerland
50: The Reformation in France
51: The Great Progress of the Reformation
52: The Waldenses
53: The Reformation in the British Isles
54: The Reformation in England
55: The Reign of Elizabeth
56: Philadelphia