Whitfield, Edward Elihu, 5/11/1848 - 22/12/1911

Plymouth Brother; born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Nov. 5, 1848. He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford (B.A., 1874), and the University of Heidelberg, and after being a private tutor at Oxford, was modern language master at Sir Joseph Williamson's School, Rochester (1889-99), lecturer in the School of Commerce at University College, Liverpool (1899-1901), and modern language master at Rutlish School, Merton, Surrey (1901-04) and King Edward VII.'s School, King's Lynn, Norfolk (1904-05). In 1905 he retired from active life. Besides editing J. N. Darby's English version of the Old Testament (4 parts, London, 1883-89) and W. Kelly's exposition of Mark and John (2 vols., 1907-08), he has written Outlines of Old Testament Study, Historical and Critical (1883).
[Extracted from "The New Schaff-Herzog" (Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge)]

In addition to the above he also edited and annotated W. Kelly's Exposition of the Gospel of Luke.

Some secular works:
"Englische Handelskorrespondenz"
"Introduction to the Commercial Sciences"
"Commercial Education in Theory and Practice"