Ann Taylor (Mrs Gilbert), 1782 - 1866

Notes from Dr. Julian's hymnology:

Ann Taylor was the daughter of Isaac Taylor. She was born in London on Jan. 30th 1784, her father at that time being engaged in London as an engraver. Subsequently her father became a Congregational Minister and resided first at Colchester, and then at Ongar. In 1813, she was married to the Rev. Joseph Gilbert, Classical and Mathematical Tutor at the Congregational College, Masborough, near Rotherham, Yorkshire. From Masborough, they passed to Hull, and then to Nottingham where Mr. Gilbert died in 1852. Mrs. Gilbert remained in Nottingham, and died there on Dec. 20th. 1866.

In addition to contributing hymns to the joint works of herself and her sister, Jane, a few were given in Collyers Collection 1812, signed A. or A.T. In literary excellence Mrs. Gilbert's hymns surpass those of her sister. They are more elevated in style, ornate in character, broader in grasp and better adapted for adults .... Miss Taylor's hymns are marked by great simplicity and directness....Taken as a whole, the hymns of both sisters are somewhat depressing in tone. They lack brightness and tone. [End quotes]

Mrs. Gilbert's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 155. "What was it blessed God, led Thee to give Thy Son". This is a beautiful hymn extolling God's unbounded love to us in sending His Son to die for us.

Hymns by Ann Taylor