Henry Bennett, 1813-1868.

Julian's Account:

Henry Bennett, born at Lyme Regis, April 18th. 1813 and died at Islington, Nov. 12th. 1868. His hymns written at various dates were collected and published as follows:

1) Hymns by H.B. Bennett London; printed for the author, 1867. This contained 25 pieces.

2) Hymns by the Late Henry Bennett, Ind ed. 1869. This was published by request, with additional hymns (32 in all and 6 unfinished).

From these editions of his hymns "I have a home above" is in extensive use. This hymn was headed "The Christian's Home".

H. Bennett's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 185. "We have a home above, from sin and sorrow free". It was not in Mr. G.V. Wigram's hymn book of 1856, but is in the 1881, 1894, 1903, 1928 and 1978 editions.

Hymns by Henry Bennett