Edward Lawrence Bevir, 1847-1922

E.L. Bevir's three hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' were well known to the users of the 1903 edition of the Little Flock hymnbook.

No.386 "Where glory lights the courts on high" was, and is, often sung when brethren are gathered to remember the Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread. The path of worth, the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus are important features of the hymn, culminating with the anticipation of the Lord's return for His bride in the last two verses.

No. 468 "O Lord of Glory who couldst leave" was, and is, equally popular at the Lord's Supper. No better sentiments could be expressed in song than the extolling of the love of the Lord of Glory that led Him into death, and to view Him now where He is, the Man of Triumph entered into His glory.

No. 492. "We seek the things that are above" is perhaps not so well known but it expresses the aspirations of those who appreciate heavenly blessings.

These three hymns by E.L. Bevir are found in a book of poems bearing his name. The preface to the book is of some interest:

"The beloved writer of these poems was called home on 29th. October 1922 at Valence-sur-Rhône, France, where he had lived and laboured for many years. The verses were written in the course of a long life of devoted service, spent chiefly in Italy and France, and cover a period of nearly half a century. Much might be said of the classic excellence and literary finish; but that which will appeal more directly to the heart of every Christian reader is their spirit of deep piety, fervent appreciation of the Person of Christ, conscious knowledge of the new heavenly position and relationships, and high anticipation of the Lord's return and coming glories.

"Many of the poems have already appeared in various magazines, whilst two or three small selections have been published at intervals. The present collection has been made as complete as possible, and is sent out with the earnest desire that God may graciously use it for the cheer, solace and encouragement of His people everywhere".

The book is named simply "Poems. E. L. Bevir" and was obtainable from Charles Leflaive, Southfield House, Willow Tree Road, Altrincham. The printer was Morrisen and Gibb, Ltd. Edinburgh.

E.L. Bevir, for many years, was the editor of the magazine "Helps for the Poor of the Flock" to which he contributed many interesting articles. Two examples of his poems are presented here:

To Thee — alone
Dwelling in uncreated light, —
Who wast unknown,
Immortal Being beyond sight, —
Honour and everlasting might.
Yet though our eyes
May not behold Thy Deity,
(So broadly lies
The gulf between all else and Thee)
We Thine unmeasured glories see.
In Him revealed
Thy counsel, ere the world began;
Naught is concealed,
O God, of all the wondrous plan
Divine affection in a Man!
Thy Potentate,
The Lord of lords and sov'reign King
Shall reign in state.
All nations shall His virtue sing,
To Him their gifts and treasures bring!
(There are three verses omitted.)
Voice of the truth is dumb,
Lukewarm is Christendom,
The latter days have come,
Wake then, O sleeper!
Faith, once so clear and bright,
Like an expiring light
Dies, and the shades of night
Seem to grow deeper!
Doctrines of earth and hell,
Balaam and Jezebel; —
Who shall the deepness tell
Of the deceiver?
Surely, as with a pall,
Shadows come over all;
Wake, ere the judgment fall,
Wake, O believer!
Wake! ere thy love grow cold
Buy of Him precious gold
Prized by the saints of old;
Buy of Him vesture,
Garments of purest white,
Salve, to correct Thy sight,
So to discern aright
Truth from imposture.
Not to deny Thy Name!
Not to forget Thy claim!
Jesus our Lord! The same
Now and for ever!
Oh! give us grace to stand
Till time's last grain of sand
Fall, and Thy potent hand
Us from earth sever.

E.L.Bevir wrote two poems in which He extolled the Son of God eternal: "Hail to the Saviour, Son of God Eternal" and "Hear the words of life eternal, spoken by the Eternal Son".

Hymns by Edward Lawrence Bevir