Francis Crawford Burkitt, 1864-1929.

Julian's account:

Francis Crawford Burkitt, M.A. son of Crawford Burkitt, was born in London, Sept.3rd 1864, and educated at Harrow and at Trinity College, Cambridge. (B.A. 1886, M.A. 1889). In 1905, though a layman, he was appointed Norrisian Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. He was a Fellow of the Bristol Academy from 1904, and was the author of various works on Biblical Criticism and Early Church History. He contributed two hymns to the English Hymnal, 1906. (12, 194).

Burkitt has two hymns in 'Spiritual Songs': No. 33. A hymn about the Triune God, "Glory to Thee, our Father, God", and No. 78, A hymn to the Lord, "Lord, while we wait the moment". The first verse of this latter hymn is accredited to Miss E. Cope. Both these hymns were first found in W.J. Hocking's edition of 1928.

(Editorial remark). When announcing hymn 33, note that there is a comma between "Father" and "God". To read this without a pause, thus turning the word 'Father' into an adjective is undesirable.

Hymns by Francis Crawford Burkitt