Richard Burnham, 1749-1810.

Julian's Account:-

Richard Burnham, born 1749, died 1810, was for many years pastor of a Baptist church in London; first in Little Chapel Street and afterwards in Grafton Street, Soho. He is said to have been an excellent preacher. He wrote 452 hymns. Burnham's hymns rank with the most intensely Calvinistic in the English language, and have been much used by congregations of Calvinistic sentiments. His best known hymns are "Jesus! Thou art the sinner's Friend" and "O glorious God of grace".

His hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is No. 127. "Come saints, your grateful voices raise For grace's boundless store". Burnham's hymn was first included in the Little Flock Hymn Book edition of 1881, and has continued to be included in 1894, 1903, 1928 and 1978.

Hymns by Richard Burnham