Henry D'Arcy Champney, 1854 - 1942.

Mr. Champney was an ordained clergyman and in Cambridge served St. Andrew the Less in that town. He was omitted from the official listing of the Anglican clergy in Crockford's Clerical Directory. Mr. Champney had great ability in preaching and although a large field of labour was available to him in Cambridge, he felt led of the Holy Spirit of God to leave his clerical post and throw in his lot with the (so-called) Brethren.

Mr. Champney was instrumental in helping T.W. Porter to leave the Church of England (he also wrote two hymns in the Little Flock hymn book) and taught two of his children in his private school in Cambridge. Mr Champney was essentially a gospel preacher, but was also helpful in ministry. He spent summers in Weymouth preaching to children on the sands. His hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' are:

20 Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs, Now to Thee we raise.

113 'Twas not for our great love to Thee, That Thou didst send Thy Son

446 Jesus, our Lord, with what joy we adore Thee.

No. 20 is worthy praise to the Lamb of God, no. 113 is useful as a gospel hymn, while no. 446 is worship to the One who was slain.

Hymns by Henry D'Arcy Champney