Dr. Emil Donges, 1853-1923

The following information has come from Michael Vogelsang of Flonheim, Germany:

Dr. Donges, together with his friend Rudolf Brockhaus, was a great blessing from the Lord for the assemblies in Germany. In spite of being the son of faithful believers, he at first did not accept the Lord as His Saviour until he visited England to study the language. There he read writings of the brethren and came into contact first with the Quakers, then with O.B., and finally with the so-called "Exclusive Brethren". Returning from England, he studied modern languages and worked as a teacher. He was a teacher with all his heart, but that did not hinder him from putting the Lord's interests first. In 1884 he started to work for the Lord full time. He translated Miller's Church History into German and was greatly occupied as a writer and publisher. He founded his own publishing house in Dillenburg (where there is still a brethren conference every year). He edited a number of magazines as follows: "Gute Botshaft des Friedens" (Good Tidings of Peace) - a Gospel paper; "Freund der Kinder" (Friend of the Children) a children's magazine: and "Gnade und Friede" (Grace and Peace) - a monthly magazine for believers.

Dr. Donges was also a great speaker who could give a powerful message. But when he was very much impressed himself by a Bible passage he was talking about, he would start to speak very fast. One of his friends agreed to help him and said, "Whenever you start speaking too fast, I'll get up in the meeting". But Doenges was so moved by his text that he forgot about the agreement and asked his friend after the meeting, "Say, why did you keep standing all the time?"

When he died in 1923 his friend Rudolf Brockhaus quoted the words from 2 Sam.3:38, "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?"

His hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 444, "Jesus, God's Lamb, in the midst of the Throne Thou art crowned". It is a great favourite where the saints are gathered to remember the Lord Jesus in His death.

Hymns by Dr. Emil Donges