Inglis Fleming, 1859-1955.

Mr. Fleming was a schoolmaster and lived at one time in West Street, Gateshead. He attended the gathering in Alexander Hall. He was an able orator, preacher and minister of the truth of God. He strongly advised young brothers and sisters to memorize whole chapters of Scripture when he used to conduct meetings in Sutton. Many articles were contributed to Scripture Truth during the years 1910 to 1938. He moved to the U.S.A. in 1926 and died in California. He was able to converse about his association with many of the early brethren. Pete Fleming, who was one of the five martyrs slain by the Auca Indians in 1956, was his grandson. Mr. Fleming was in his 96th. year when he died.

His two hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' were favourites when sung by the brethren who used the 1903 edition of the Little Flock Hymn Book, and have become well-used in the present edition of 1978. These are:

No. 137 "Jesus, Lord, we joy before Thee, Sorrow's night is o'er" —

very suitable for after the breaking of bread;

No. 311 "Thee we praise our God and Father, Thou Thy love hast shown"—

an excellent hymn to the Father.

Hymns by Inglis Fleming