James Hutton, 1715-1795

Julian's account:

James Hutton, son of a clergyman and cousin to Sir Isaac Newton, was born in London, Sept. 3rd. 1715, and followed for some years the trade of a bookseller. In 1739 he visited the Moravian settlement at Herrnhut, where he became acquainted with Count Zinzendorf. He retired from business in 1745 and was ordained a diaconus of the Moravian Church in 1749. He died May 3rd. 1795. He contributed several hymns to the Moravian Hymn Book, 1754. All his hymns were included in an Appendix to his Memoirs, published by Daniel Benham in 1856.

Hutton has two hymns in 'Spiritual Songs':

172 O teach us more of Thy blest ways

463 O gracious Shepherd, bind us

No. 172 is included in all editions from 1856-1978. No. 463 is included in all editions from 1856-1978 excepting 1894.

Hutton's original first line of No. 172 was "Teach me yet more of Thy blest ways"; sometimes "O teach us more". Also there were variations in the way the first line of No. 463 was rendered:

1) Come faithful Shepherd, bind me. (Self Consecration).

2) Ah Love! come sweetly bind me.

3) O gracious Saviour bind us.

Hymns by James Hutton