John Kent, 1766-1843

Julian's account is:

John Kent was born at Bideford, Devonshire, Dec. 1766 and died Nov. 15th. 1843. As a working shipwright his opportunities for acquiring the education and the polish necessary for the production of refined verse were naturally limited. His hymns are strongly worded, very earnest and simple, and intensely Calvinistic. A few were published in Samuel Reece's Collection, 1799. The first edition of his collection of Original Gospel Hymns was published in 1803, and the 10th edition with "The Author's experience" in verse, 264 hymns, 15 longer pieces and a "Life" by his son, in 1861. The Calvinistic teaching so prominent in his hymns has restricted their use to a limited number of collections. The greatest use made of them in modern hymn books has been by Mr. Spurgeon (O.O.H. Book 1866) and Mr. Snepp (Songs of G. and G. 1872).

Kent's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 427. " 'Tis the Church triumphant singing, Worthy the Lamb!" 1803 (Praise). This hymn is not included in the 1856, 1881 and 1903 editions of the Little Flock Hymn Book. It is included in the 1894, 1928 and 1978 editions.

Hymns by John Kent