William Freeman Lloyd, 1791-1853

Julians account:

William Freeman Lloyd was born in Uley, Gloucestershire, December 22nd. 1791. As he grew up he took great interest in Sunday School work and was engaged in teaching at both Oxford and at London. In 1810 he was appointed one of the secretaries of the Sunday School Union. He also became connected with the Religious Tract Society in 1816. Miller (to whom we are indebted for these details) says in his Singers and Songs of the Church, 1869, p. 418: "He commenced the Sunday School Teachers' Magazine, conducted for years the Child's Companion and the Weekly Visitor, and suggested the preparation of a large number of books for children and adults. His own literary productions were various, including several useful books for Sunday School teachers and scholars, and numerous tracts. He was also much engaged in compilation and revision". Mr Lloyd died at the residence of his brother, the Rev. Samuel Lloyd, at Stanley Hall, Gloucestershire, Apr. 22nd. 1853.

Julian has a few references to Lloyd's hymn which is no. 209 in 'Spiritual Songs' 'Our times are in Thy hands'.

"This hymn first appeared in vol. 1 of the Tract Magazine (R.T.S.) March 1824, p. 32, in 6 stanzas of 4 lines, entitled 'My times are in Thy hand', Psalm 31:15 and signed 'Spes'. Mr. Lloyd, the author, was at that time an official of the R.T.S. The original text reads as in the Church Hymnary (Scottish) 1898, no. 288 with stanza 4, lines 3 and 4, 'Those hands' etc. 'are now' etc. to which must be added stanza 5 which is omitted in almost every collection-:

My times are in Thy hand,
Jesus my Advocate;
Nor shall Thine hand be stretched in vain
For me to supplicate".

Lloyd's hymn was no. 3 in Hymns for the Poor of the Flock 1838 and no. 257 in the same hymn book 1841. Also in Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1842. This hymn is in all the editions of the Little Flock Hymn Book 1856-1978.

Hymns by William Freeman Lloyd