Miss C.H. Von Poseck, 1859-1953.

Miss von Poseck, the author of ten beautiful hymns in 'Spiritual Songs', was the daughter of J.A. von Poseck, the author of "Light in our Dwellings" and "Beside the Still Waters". There is not a great deal of information about Miss von Poseck, but one who knew her in her later years has given the following information:

"I am pondering over the years we were privileged to spend in the company of 'dear Miss Posey' as we sometimes affectionately spoke of her. Miss C.H. von Poseck spent the last years of her life with Mr. & Mrs. Dolamore (who were well-known among the so-called Lowe-Kelly brethren) at East Turret, Springvale, Isle-of-Wight. The Meeting Room was next door to West Turret. Older ones will remember spending holidays at "The Turret" where the Misses Annie and Kate Best also lived. These sisters edited the children's magazine entitled "Glad Tidings for the Young", in which Miss von Poseck often wrote the expository "Page for Seniors". Miss Poseck was quite frail physically. She was extremely well taught in the Scriptures. I can remember quite well that when we stood to sing a worship hymn, she would take my wife's arm for support and, if it happened to be a hymn of her own composition, she would whisper at the end, "You know I wrote that hymn". She was certainly loved and esteemed by all who knew her. On our marriage, she gave us the book "Light in our Dwellings" written by her father, J.A. von Poseck. Inside she wrote "from the author's daughter, C. Helena von Poseck" and quoted "Jesus Himself drew near and went with them". (Luke 24:15). She was called home in 1953 and was buried at St. Helen's Cemetery, Isle-of-Wight."

Mr. J.A. Von Poseck had a wonderful conversion. He was standing in a crowd watching a religious procession. For some reason he moved from where he was standing and a man who took his place was killed by a piece of masonry falling from the cathedral where they were standing. This miraculous preservation from death resulted in his conversion to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. He continued in living faith and testimony for the God who had blessed him in such an amazing way.

A few remarks from his book "Light in our Dwellings" is relevant in our day:

"A brother in the Lord sometime remarked to me how little in writings and oral ministry, was the subject of Christian family relationships touched upon, although, as a practical truth, there could scarcely be a more important subject than this, seeing the alarming progress of rationalism and infidelity in England as well as on the Continent, and its baneful effect upon family life, in blighting natural affections, and undermining, especially in the rising generation, the sense of reverence for all divinely instituted authorities".

How would he write if he were alive today?

Miss von Poseck's hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' are:

58 Abba Father, words of mercy

148 Here around Thy table gathered

191 Abba Father, Oh what wonders

248 Thou, Thou art worthy, Lord

279 Thou, Lord, Thyself, the Bright and Morning Star

287 Father divine, in grateful love

292 Hallelujah! Christ hath conquered

454 Lord Jesus, we love Thee and joyfully pour

470 O Saviour, great and glorious

471 Once more around Thy table, Lord

477 Risen Christ, our souls adore Thee

These hymns of Miss von Poseck are living. They are full of reverence to the Father and the Son, and breathe the spirit of worship. If one is permitted to express ones choice in them, then 248 and 477 would take the first places.

Hymns by Miss C.H. Von Poseck