R.S. Hawker, 1804-1875

No. 61. "How wondrous the glories that meet" is attributed to R.S. Hawker, the grandson of Robert Hawker above. His dates were 1804-1875 (not 1873). The dates in the back of 'Spiritual Songs', therefore, are wrong and the two Hawkers have been confused.

Editorial note:

In the second verse of No. 61, there is the serious, classical error concerning the Lord's Person (Monophysitism), where the two natures (Godhead and Manhood) are both joined in one nature, whereas they remain distinctively two, and are joined in His Person; that is He is one blessed Person, with two natures.

This could easily be corrected by giving the word "one" a capital "O", making it a pronoun representing the Lord Himself. This is as it is in all other hymns such as 6, 8, 39, 50, 124, 143, 150, 174, etc. (Corrected in the electronic version and in the thematic index. —L.H.)

Line 4 of verse 2 also presents a difficulty as the "fountain of love in His heart" is not formed by the union of the natures in one Person, but has been eternally existent in His Person before the incarnation. Changing the word "forms" to "shows" would put this right.

Hymns by R.S. Hawker