Edward Rubie (dates?)

Edward Rubie was converted and came amongst Brethren in the 1870's. He was in business in London as a woollen cloth merchant supplying tailors and outfitters. He lived and brought up six children first in Richmond and later in Sidcup. He wrote a number of hymns and published them in a book of sixteen.

He was white-haired with a pure white and well trimmed beard. He was a good local brother and was a model of a calm, quiet and confident Christian. He lived in a house called "The Wilderness" and loved visiting. Three presses on the bell was an indication to those in the house that he visited, that Mr. Rubie was at the door.

Mr. Rubie's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 461, "O Lord, we adore Thee, Blest Son of the Father". A magnificent hymn to the Son and to the Father. A hymn of true worship.

Hymns by Edward Rubie