Robert Seagrave, 1693 - (died ?)

Julian's account of R. Seagrave:

Robert Seagrave M.A., son of Robert Seagrave, Vicar of Twyford, Leicestershire, was born at Twyford, Nov. 22, 1693, and educated at Clare College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1714. Taking Holy Orders he entered most earnestly into the movement then being carried forward by the Wesleys and Whitefield. He was an intimate friend of G. Whitefield; and between 1731 and 1746 he issued numerous letters and pamphlets, etc., designed to awaken in the clergy a deeper earnestness in their work. In 1739 he was appointed Sunday Evening Lecturer at Lorimers Hall, London, where he continued to preach until 1750. He also occupied Whitefield's Tabernacle from time to time. His hymns which were better known and more highly appreciated by the older compilers than those in modern days, and still repay perusal, were included in his collection, published by him for use at the Loriners' Hall as 'Hymns for Christian Worship, partly composed and partly collected from Various Authors, 1742'. The 4th edition was published in 1748, and the originals were reprinted by D. Sedgwick as Seagrave's Hymns in 1860.

Seagrave's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 416. "Saviour, who can e'er forget or cease to bless Thy Name". This hymn is not included in the 1856, 1881 and 1903 editions of the Little Flock Hymn Book. It is included in the 1894, 1928 and 1978 editions.

Hymns by Robert Seagrave