S.M. Waring, 1792-1827.

Julian in his Hymnology has very little information to give concerning this hymnwriter. However, though brief, it is worth repeating.

"Samuel Miller Waring, son of Jeremiah Waring of Alton, Hampshire, and uncle of Anna Laetitia Waring (see above), was born at Alton in March, 1792(3?), and died at Bath, September 19th. 1827. His hymns appeared in his 'Sacred Melodies, 1826', and from that work the following, which are in common use were taken:- 1) 'Now to Him Who loved us, gave us' (Praise to Jesus). Sometimes 'Unto him Who loved us'. 2).'Plead Thou, O plead my cause'.(Jesus the Advocate implored)".

Mr. Waring's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 5, "Unto Him who loves us — gave us every pledge that love could give". How often this doxology has been sung with vigour at the end of the remembrance meeting. It is a hymn of deep feeling and reverence. The first line "Unto Him who loved us — gave us" is in 1856, Rev.1:5 is placed above the hymn (G.V. Wigram), 1881 (J.N.D), 1903 (T.H. Reynolds). The first line "Unto Him Who loves us — gave us" is in 1894 (W. Kelly), 1928 (W.J. Hocking), 1978 ('Spiritual Songs'). "Gave His precious blood to save us", in line four is the only additional variation from the other versions. This is found in the 1928 version. Rev. 1:5.

Unto Him who loved us — gave us
Every pledge that love could give;
Freely shed His blood to save us;
Gave His life that we may live;
Be the Kingdom
And Dominion, —
And the glory evermore!

S.M. Waring. 1856 version.

Hymns by S.M. Waring