Miss Cenita Thompson, 1822-1909.

Notes from "Songs of Pilgrimage and Glory" by E.E. Cornwall:

Miss Thompson contributed poems to the periodical, "A Voice to the Faithful", and these, with others found after her departure, were published in 1909 as "Songs of Praise". She had long resided at Clapham with Miss E.J. Elwood, who herself has written poems, the title of her book being "Poems and Hymns".

Miss Thompson's hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' are: 98, "Gazing on Thee, Lord, in glory"; and 341, "O gracious God Thy pleasure".

These are two magnificent hymns. No 98 is Suffering and Glory; no 341 is the standing and relationship of the believer in the Lord Jesus who through Him is brought to the Father.

Hymns by Miss Cenita Thompson