Thomas Rawson Taylor, 1807-1835

Julian's account is as follows:-

Thomas Rawson Taylor, son of the Rev. Thomas Taylor, sometime Congregational Minister at Bradford, Yorkshire, was born at Ossett, near Wakefield, May 9th. 1807, and educated at the Free School, Bradford, and the Leaf Square Academy, Manchester. From the age of 15 to 18 he was engaged, first in a merchant's, and then in a printer's office. Influenced by strong religious desires, he entered the Airedale Independent College at 18 to prepare for the Congregational ministry. His first and only charge was Howard Street Chapel, Sheffield. This he retained about six months, entering upon the charge in July 1830 and leaving it in the January following. For only a short time he acted as classical tutor at Airedale College, but the failure of health which compelled him to leave Sheffield also necessitated his resigning his tutorship. He died March 7th. 1835 aged 27. A volume of his "Memoirs and Select Remains", by W.S. Matthews, in which were several poems and a few hymns was published in 1836. His best known hymn is "I'm but a stranger here". This hymn was apparently written during his last illness. It was headed "Heaven is my Home. Air 'Robin Adair'".

Taylor's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 180. "We are but Strangers here, Heaven is our Home". It is in all the editions of the Little Flock Hymn Book from 1856 to 1978.

Hymns by Thomas Rawson Taylor