STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 104: ABBA, Father, thus we call Thee

104: ABBA, Father, thus we call Thee

by Robert Hawker (1753-1827)

sung to Grebe midi score
by J. G. Ebeling (1637-1676)

1 ABBA, Father, thus we call Thee,
(Hallowed name!) from day to day.
'Tis Thy children's right to know Thee,
None but children, Abba say.
This high honour we inherit,
Thy free gift through Jesus' blood;
God the Spirit with our spirit
Witnesseth we're sons of God.

2 Abba's purpose gave us being
When in Christ, in that vast plan,
Abba chose the saints for glory
Long before the world began;
O what love the Father bore us!
O how precious in His sight!
When He gave the church to Jesus,
Jesus, His whole soul's delight!

3 Though our nature's fall in Adam
Seemed to shut us out from God,
Thus it was His counsel brought us
Nearer still through Jesus' blood;
For in Him we found redemption,
Grace and glory in the Son;
Oh! the height and depth of mercy!
Christ and we, through grace, are one.

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