1856-7 Original Edition. Edited by Professor Alexander A. Wallace (First two volumes only.)
These volumes were then re-issued with slightly different contents under the editorship of William Kelly.
Introductory Address. A. A. Wallace.
The Re-translation or Revision of the Bible
Henderson - Ezekiel
Quarterly Journal of Prophecy: - What is the Church? Do the Old Testament Saints form part of it?
Green, etc. - Criticism on the Text of the New Testament
The Dawning Light of Prophecy
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Languages of the Bible
History of the Text of the Bible
The one Predicted Re-awakening
Thoughts on the Parables in Matthew 13
"Even so, Come, Lord Jesus"
A Few Remarks on Prayer and Praise
Thoughts on Romans (J. N. Darby)
Jews after Titus
Recent Travels in the Holy Land and Neighbouring Countries
Travels in Sinai and Palestine
From The Jewish Chronicle
Notice of The Jewish Chronicle (May)
Jerusalem the Place of Wailing
Rabbinical Criticism on the History of John the Baptist
Silent Building of Solomon's Temple
Modern Hegelianism compared with old Brahminism
The Mind of Christ. 1 Cor. 2
A Few Words on Ecclesiastes and Canticles
A Few Words on Modern Criticism
'Latter-Day Saints'
On Mr. Elliott's Apocalyptic Interpretation
Psalm 24
Our Study
The Scriptural Museum - Inaugural Lecture by Sir H. Rawlinson
Committee of the Lancashire Independent College
Fragment - Perfection
1856-7 New Edition - this section contains titles NOT in orig. ed.
Introductory Address: W. Kelly
Fragments 1
Fragments 2
Fragment - Hope
Fragment - Joy
Fragment - Change No Cure
Our Study
Extracts from Correspondence
The Red Sea and the Jordan
On Job 33