The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus
Discipline in the House of God
Brief Thoughts on the Church as the Body and the House
A Slight Sketch of the Holy Spirit's Ways
"Not ashamed of the gospel."
The "Record" and "Christian Standard"
Miller's "Short Papers on Church History"
Letter on Receiving the Spirit (R. Govett)
Reply to the Letter on the Spirit
Jesus the Shepherd (John 10)
Thoughts on Jacob (Gen. 28: 20-22.)
Remarks on the Epistle to the Hebrews
The Resurrection of the Body
Hoare's "Rome, Turkey, and Jerusalem"
The Spirit of God and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Letters on the Sufferings of Christ
Neil's "Palestine Re-peopled"
The Advocate or the Accuser?
The Son (Heb. 1: 2)
Notes on Greek Tenses, Moods, and Prepositions
Witherby's "Gospel of our Salvation"
Neatby's "Our Lord's Coming Again"