A Minister of the Sanctuary
Mission Sermons, etc., of Father Ignatius
The Parable of the Sower. Matt. 13
Misuse of "Order" in 1 Cor. 14
Thoughts on Psalms 1, 2.
On the Doctrine of Balaam
"One thing I do"
A Worldly Sanctuary
A High Priest of Good Things to Come
The Transfiguration
Christ's Love
Scripture and Science
The Golden Calf
The Credentials of Christianity
God's Ways in Training
Prayer, Worship, and the Lord's Supper
Bartlett's Bampton Lectures
The Morning Star
The Secret of God
Fragment on Meeting and Service
Newberry's Companion
Thoughts on the Spiritual Nature of the Present Dispensation
Modern Deism
The Proposed Reunion of Anglicanism and Congregationalism
Present Prospects
Napoleon's Testimony to Christ at St. Helena
On Conformity to the World
Anglican and Congregational Re-union
Abram Called and Worshipping
Consecration to God
The True Grace of God
"The Priesthood of the Laity."