The Way of the Love of Jesus

"The more perfect love is, the more entirely and without distraction will it regard its object. And this will give it, at times, a very different bearing; because its way will be determined by the condition and need of its object. Its way therefore at times may appear harsh and decisive; as when the Lord rebuked Peter (Matt. 16), as when He reproached the two disciples. (Luke 24) But this is only because love is perfect, and therefore is undistractedly considering its object. Imperfect love will show itself otherwise; more attractively at times, but far, far intrinsically, less true; because imperfect love will not in this way unmixedly consider its object, but itself. It will be set upon enjoying its object, rather more than on serving it; and this will give it a more tender and considerate bearing at times, and get for itself more credit, while perfect love has all the while forgotten itself and its enjoyments, and ordered its course and its actings in more undistracted concern and desire to have another blest and profited.

"Where do we see this perfect love but in Jesus - in God? A mother has it not, but will at times enjoy her child. But Jesus had it. He considered His disciples when He was with them, and ordered His way with them to their profit, and not to His own gratification.

"He will gratify Himself with them in that coming age, when He need no longer care for them as in a place of instruction and discipline. He will have no occasion then in the exercise of perfect love to consider only their profit, for their profit will have been brought to its accomplishment in that place of their Lord's delight in them."