The flesh in the saints is as bad or worse than any flesh, therefore watch, continue in prayer, be clothed with humility. Live no more by memory than by sense, but live by faith; forgetting the things which are behind, and pressing forwards. It was not when Paul was in communion with the glory that he was in danger of being puffed up, but when he came down in the memory of it. Memory has its own work, and so has sense; but conscious present communion with God is the power and glory of the saint, and his especial privilege. Here he gets everything, for here he has God; and here he has everything safely, for he has everything in God - with God.

When Christ is working in a heart, there will be the tenderest consideration, there will be straight paths made for lame feet.

"Wherever you go endeavour to carry with you a sense of God's presence, His holiness, and His love; it will preserve you from a thousand snares."

"Have a word with God before you enter into conversation with them." (James 1:5.)

Satan tempts saints to unholy wrath (Luke 11:55), and they do not know and little think where they had their coal from to so heat them till Christ tells them, "Ye know not what spirit ye are of."

Use the bridle in the quantity of your words; incline rather to sparing than using them lavishly; for "in the multitude of words there wanteth not sin." (Prov. 10:19.)

We want to have the God of peace with us, so as to have humbleness about evil, affections occupied with good.