"Accepted in the Beloved."

What words of sweetness, and of grace and love,
To such as we, once full of enmity;
Our Father speaks them from His home above;
Accepted in the One Beloved are we.

"Accepted," Lord; not now far off, but near,
Near to Thyself, and grace and love are poured
On us, and so we have no thought of fear;
Accepted thus, how could we fear, O Lord?

But that is not enough for Thy deep heart;
Accepted are we, but Thou addest still;
"In the Beloved" is our wondrous part,
That is the word our cup of joy to fill.

"Accepted in Thy Christ" would have been much;
"In Jesus," what a portion that would be!
But no! Thy heart of love to us is such,
"In the Beloved" alone has suited Thee.

Our Father, let us occupy this place
In living power, that Thou be glorified;
Walk here as being there, brought there by grace,
So happy there we here need nought beside.