Detached Thoughts.

Then shall the Lord be glorified in His saints - not as now, in their obedience and service, their holiness and fruitfulness, but in their personal beauty. Arrayed in white, and shining in our glories, we shall be the wondrous witness of what He has done for the sinner that trusted in Him. And as one much loved and honoured in the Lord has just written to me, so I write to you, beloved: "No lark ever sprang up on a dewy morning to sing its sweet song with such alacrity as you and I shall spring up to meet our Lord in the air." And his exhortation to me I would make mine to you (though feebly echoed from my heart): "Oh, my brother, set it before your mind's eye as a living reality, and then let hope patiently wait for the fulfilment." "Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

What must we say, when we look on the boasted advance of everything in that world, the constant skill that is exercised in sweeping and garnishing that house, which is stained with the blood of Jesus? The beds of ivory, the sound of the viols, the wine, and the chief ointments, were never so abundant as in these days; and if we can take up with life in such a world, are we true, as we ought to be, to the cross of Christ? … We are not "grieved for the affliction of Joseph;" we are not true to the rejection of Christ. Worldliness is heartlessness to Him.

The Church is called "the Lamb's wife;" but this title has its meaning. "The Lamb" is a figure or description of the Son of God which tells us of the sorrows He endured for us. The soul well understands this; and therefore this title, "the Lamb's wife," tells us that it is by His sufferings the Lord has made her His own; that He valued her so as to give up all for her; and from the beginning He has been publishing this precious gospel truth.

J. G. Bellett.

One sees not only beautiful light and glory for the comfort of one's heart under all sorrows and difficulties, but looking at the person of that blessed Lord, I find in Him everything I want as a poor sinner passing through the wilderness.

G. V. Wigram.

Redemption was a work worthy of the depths of the Father's heart, and was accomplished at the infinite cost of the sacrifice of the Son of God; and is -so perfect in its results that God, by the Spirit, can come and dwell in me, and I dwell in God.

J. N. Darby.