Hark! what symphonies are ringing
Round about the throne of God;
In His love at rest, and singing
Through the One who shed His blood.

Praise eternal thence abounding,
Melody, O God, divine;
Hallelujahs sweetly sounding,
All proclaim the glory Thine.

Jesus leads the Jubilation
With rapture-songs in glory,
Strikes the chorus of creation
With Salem's ransom-story.

Hallelujah, homage, blessing,
All harmonious round the throne,
Every knee and tongue confessing
Jesus Lord and Christ alone.

Countless chorals ever ringing
In the universe of God,
Heaven and earth their glory bringing
To the Lamb who shed His blood.
C. F. C.

If we are in communion with God, every difficulty becomes the occasion for the display of His glory.

We are often overwhelmed because our strength is not in God, who would have His grace sufficient for us, which is more precious than the removal of the thorn in the flesh.