The Lamb for my ransom
(Provided above)
Came down to my rescue
Himself in His love.
No sacrifice greater,
More costly or free,
Than the Lamb "lifted up"
In payment for me.
The Lamb to the rescue
For Eden's great loss,
When He took on Himself
The curse of the cross.
The Just for the unjust,
Forman, and for God,
When He spared not His Son
The cost of His blood.
Oh, Centre of sorrow!
Desertion and cry,
Golgotha demands Him
To suffer and die.
My sins there exacting
His most precious blood,
The Lamb by remission
Has brought me to God.
Oh, Centre of glory!
I gaze on Him there,
Whose body once offered
Has quelled my despair.
No sacrifice greater,
Lord Jesus, than Thine,
And Thine be the glory,
Eternal - divine. C. F. C.