"For ever."

"The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: but the
word of the Lord endureth for ever." 1 Peter 1:24.

The beauty of summer has faded,
The leaves and the blossoms are gone,
The cold and the darkness of winter
Seem stretching before me alone!

I think of loved faces long vanished -
My heart is bowed down with its pain,
Till, sweet come the words of His promise,
"Look up; thou shalt meet them again."

Ah! yes, though earth's flowers may wither,
The word of the Lord is secure -
I look for a land that is deathless,
And know that my portion is sure.

My home and my treasures await me,
Unfading, unchanging, and bright;
What matters the wilderness journey,
The end is all gladness and light!

My God in His love has prepared me
Delights which the world cannot know,
Far sweeter than earth's fleeting blessings,
Far better than all things below.

For ever and ever with Jesus!
To dwell in the light of His love,
To find all His dear ones He gave me
Far nearer and dearer above.

For ever to rest in His presence -
No sorrow, no trial, no sin!
From all things shut out that could harm me,
With Christ, in His glory, "shut in"!
E. T. F.