God's Awakening.

Thoughts suggested by a scene in Winter.

NAUGHT but wintry skies prevailing
Earth's dominion over,
And the feathery snowflakes, sailing,
All the landscape cover.
In a cold and deathlike trance
Nature ceases to advance.

But the sun with genial power
Soon the earth will wake;
Spring shall bring forth leaf and flower,
Buds its joy partake
Nature teems with life once more,
And profusely spreads her store.

Thus the soul of man in nature
Slumbers in a deathlike gloom
Towards its Maker, not one feature
In the heart for love finds room.
In this world it seeks its rest,
Moving midst the scenes unblest.

Lo! A voice the darkness breaking
Speaks the word, "Let there be light!"
From the chill of death awaking,
Blindness soon gives place to sight.
Strong the hand which touched the chord,
E'en the Spirit of the Lord!

"Life in Christ," oh, what a story
Shall the newborn souls declare!
How the Saviour came from glory
That His portion they might share;
E'en these souls shall fully prove
All the riches of His love.

While on earth the path before us
Full of trial is beset,
Well we know a banner o'er us
Floats to lead to conquest yet.
All the circumstances here
Need not cause the saint to fear.

This world's scene of restless motion
Is the scene where Jesus trod.
Once His presence stilled the ocean,
Now He calms the soul in God.
He leads on to victory!
Night will yield to endless day.

Soon His mighty power swaying
In the air, the Lord shall come
At His call, the saints obeying
Rise to share His Father's home
In the realms of endless peace,
Where their pilgrimage shall cease. G. E. G.