The Signal.

"We shall be like Him." Christian friend, this is your signal. Note - there is no doubt about it - there is nothing left for you to do as to it. It is His purpose for all that are His. Does it not cheer the heart? "We shall be like Him; for we shall see Him AS HE IS."

Blessed testimony to the love of his heart! But it is very real to our hearts. The heart that in any way grasps its meaning is not easily turned aside. Grace would have us keep straight on, because we clearly see His purpose for us. Waves may toss around me, and to the distraction of all that is human. But I see the signal. I am not HOPING to see it, and because I see it I go straight on. (See 1 Cor. 15:58.)

Now supposing that no end of trial and difficulty should be your individual lot in this world. Or, suppose that the Church of God be ever and anon distracted by the will of man rising up within it, will all these alter the blessed words you have read? A through train has to take heed to many a warning signal on the road, but nothing alters the fact that it is a through train. It may have to go at times slower than at other times, and it may have to pass over many a dangerous "point"; but there is its own signal, "all clear," high above every other. And a Christian is like that train. The Holy Spirit is the power.

The Holy Spirit is on earth to carry me through. (John 14:16-17.) I must remember that I have no power apart from Him. I am not the power, and the train is not the power, but I am using the power. A turn of the hand, and the power no longer moves the machinery; the train feels it, and slackens speed. Things are too much for me here without the ministry of the Spirit of God. I must remember this; we all must remember it, that we are responsible. And what is this great responsibility? It is not to sever the connection of the power with the machinery.

I see the signal, and I have the power. What a wonderful thing it is for a poor thing like I am to say this. Yet it is true. "We shall be like Him," is the one; and "He that hath wrought us for the self-same thing is God, who hath also given unto us the earnest of the Spirit," is the other. "Therefore we are always confident." Blessed confidence of FAITH! I am going to enter into the glory where Christ is as man - to see Him there, and to be like Him.

It must have a formative effect upon us if we believe it. God grant that it may upon us all, for I see that every Christian is started by God as a through train. The effort of Satan, who uses his signals all along the road, is to stop that train, or to turn it on to some side line, But let us remember that this very day the line is clear, the machinery is divinely fitted for the road, the power is effective; and let us keep our eyes upon the signal, and then never shut off the steam (Eph. 4:30), for thus only can we make true progress. H. C. Anstey.

The truth of risen life in Christ and the coming of the Holy Ghost are distinct; but, now that both are fulfilled, the divine order is the knowledge of the remission of sins and receiving the Holy Ghost, and thus the two are inseparable.