A Prayer Song

Why should I crave for pleasures
In this poor world of sin,
When to God's boundless treasures
I soon shall enter in?

Why should earth's idols hold me,
Or captivate my heart,
When, Lord, by faith I've seen Thee
In glory, where Thou art'?

Why should the world's ambition
Rage in this heart of mine,
When right to give position
Should, Lord, be only Thine?

Should I by lust be driven,
Even for what is good?
Surely my God has given
All that He wisely could.

* * * * *
Nay, then, in Thy sweet favour
My pleasure I would find,
And where Thou sittest, Saviour,
By grace I'd set my mind.

So may no earthly object
An idol prove to me;
But may my heart be subject
Entirely, Lord, to Thee.

Be my ambition solely
To do the will of God,
And follow Jesus wholly
In the blest path He trod.

Until in glory dwelling,
In God's eternal rest,
His praises ever telling,
In Christ for ever blest. J. F. Mc B.