"Such a High Priest"

Christ saves completely, and to the end, those that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever lives to intercede for them.

Accordingly "such a high priest became us." Glorious thought! Called to be in the presence of God, to be in relationship with Him in the heavenly glory, to draw near to Him on high, where nothing that defiles can enter, we needed a High Priest in the place to which access was given us (as the Jews in the earthly temple), and such a One as the glory and purity of heaven required. What a demonstration that we belong to heaven, and of the exalted nature of our relationship with God! Such a Priest became us: "Holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, exalted above the heavens" - for so are we, as to our position, having to do with God there - a Priest who needs not to renew the sacrifices, as though any work to put away sin still remained to be done, or their sins could still be imputed to believers; for then it would be impossible to stay in the heavenly sanctuary. As having once for all completed His work for the putting away of sin, our Priest offered His sacrifice once for all when He offered up Himself. J. N. Darby.

"There is not a single spring of gladness in the heart of God but was found in this perfect One, entirely. God as well as man. Oh the thought of God having sent this Son down from His eternal glory, this Son of His love, all His bosom's ineffable delight, sent down to the Cross for me! It puts me in the dust. What am I that He should not only have brought me salvation, but have sent that Son of His love to bear all for me - as man essentially perfect, divine in every way, yet made sin for us. It is a matter of deep moment to look again and again into the place of the Son of God on the Cross, and to study all the divine attributes of that divine One who hung there."