The Coming One

"Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

Son of the living God, Thou Rock secure,
Whereon Thy church is built, and standeth sure;
Thou Jesus, "He that liveth, and was dead,"
Whom God anointed over all things Head;
Most blessed One, the Lord of glory Thou,
We see Thee crowned, enthroned, o'er all exalted now.

Lord Jesus Christ, to dwell with Thee above,
(Son of the Father, Son of God's own love,)
To see Thee in those heavens whence Thine eyes
First sought afar Thy pearl, Thy love's great prize,
To know the Father loveth Thee, the Son,
What bliss! What rest and joy! By Thee God's will is done.

And Thou art coming, Lord: Thou wilt descend
From heaven with a great commanding cry!
Thy voice in triumph did to God ascend,
E'en when Thou stoopedst on Thy cross to die;
No voice but Thine, O Saviour, can declare
That moment when, caught up, we meet Thee in the air.

Thine is the greatness; Thine, O Lord, the power,
The glory and the victory are Thine;
The majesty that in Thy sorrow's hour!
Did through the thickest darkness break and shine.
Thou, Conqueror over Satan, sin, and death,
Did'st there alone fulfil whate'er the Scripture saith.

Oh, to see Thee - who could'st, forsaken, bear God's curse,
His wrath - Thy weight of glory wear!
The many diadems around Thy brow,
The written name none knoweth, only Thou.
To follow Thee, until Thy warfare o'er,
God dwells with men, and is their God for evermore.

Oh, to adore Thee as we shall at last!
Tears, death, and sorrow, pain, and crying past;
At home with Thee, restraint and conflict o'er,
To feast as Thou wilt feast us evermore.
To hear Thy voice there celebrate the ways,
The counsels, flowing deep, that issue wide in praise.

Oh, to be like Thee! First-born One, who art
The perfect answer to Thy Father's heart;
Who hast, obedient, put to endless shame
Man's long rebellion: "Wonderful" Thy name,
The faithful Witness, able to fulfil
Alike on earth, in heaven, Thy God and Father's will.

Oh, to be with Thee, dwelling where Thou art,
From all that is not after Thee apart,
Beyond the stain, the sight, the sound of sin!
The gates of pearl, the city, entered in;
Within her jasper blaze of living light,
Her gold, as crystal clear, to walk with Thee in white.

Trained by Thy Father for Thy love's employ,
Thy path our dowry, clue to all Thy joy;
Built out of Thee, owned, in eternal life,
Thy body, and Thy cherished bride, Thy wife.
Called with Thyself to have eternal part,
Lord Jesus Come! We wait to see Thee as Thou art. H. K. B. E.