The Writings of A J Pollock

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Mr Pollock's ~1,400,000 words of printed ministry on ~550 subjects are included on the STEM site with many thanks to Andrew Langham, who pains-takingly scanned these articles.

Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass

The Tabernacle’s Typical Teachings

Gospel Messages (~100)

Magazine Articles (~400)

Doctrinal Booklets

The Amazing Jew
The Apostle Paul and His Missionary Labours
Balaam’s Prophecies
Bible Testimony to the Son of God
Christianity True: An Unanswerable Proof
The Church of God
Divine Titles and their Significance
Does the Blood of Christ Cleanse ONCE FOR ALL?
Eternal Life
"Follow Me," or Fasting and Feasting
Genesis 1 and 2 Historically and Typically Considered
Hades and Eternal Punishment
Is the Bible Inspired of God
Is the Soul of Man Immortal?
Josephus and the Bible
Office, Gift, Priesthood
Pagan Cremation or Christian Burial
The Beginning of the End
The Doctrine of the Christ
The Fellowship to Which All Christians are Called
The Fundamentals of the Christian Faith
The Holy Spirit of God
The Holy Spirit of God and the Great Adversary
The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ
The Saviour: Sinless, Yet Tempted
Three Wonderful Facts concerning Palestine
Who Made the World?
Will The Church Go Through the Great Tribulation?
May Christ Come at Any Moment?
Shall Not THE JUDGE do Right
Why I Believe the Bible

Apologetic Booklets

Are the Anglo-Saxons the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?
Baptismal Regeneration
Charles Darwin’s Deathbed
Christadelphianism Astray From the Bible
Christadelphianism (Briefly Tested by Scripture)
Christian Science
Christianity and the World’s Religions
Dr. Moffatt’s New Translation of the New Translation
Evolution: Unscientific and Unscriptural
Faith Healing
From Ape to Man
“Jehovah’s Witnesses” and Judge Rutherford’s Books
Millennial Dawnism
Modern Pentecostalism, Foursquare Gospel, “Healings” and “Tongues”
Modern Spiritualism
Modernism versus the Bible
Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
Reasons why a Christian should not be a Freemason
“Religion and The Crisis”
Is Man Descended from a Monkey?
Is Roman Catholicism of God?
Seventh-Day Adventism
Spiritist Prophecies Come True
The Apostasy of Christendom
The British-Israel Theory
The Christian and Socialism
The Composite Prayer Book
The Miraculous Gift of Tongues
The Oxford Group Movement
T. Austin-Spark’s “The Centrality and Universality of the Cross” …
Theosophy: Its Founder and Teaching
“Try the Spirits Whether They are of God”
Unitarianism: The Negation of the Christian Faith
Salvation Assured
Why Does God Allow This War [1914-18]