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A Closing Testimony
“A Coffin in Egypt”
A Crucial Test
A Deadly Delusion
A Fine Epitaph
A First Introduction and its Result
A Great Example and a Great Warning
A Holy Place
“A Large Upper Room Furnished”
A Little While (1)
A Little While (2)
A Method the Bible Does Not Use
“A More Excellent Way”
A Parable of Profession
A Plea for Work Among the Young
A Prophecy Over 2,600 Years Old
A Provision for the Wilderness (The Red Heifer)
A Ribband of Blue
A Searching Definition
A Second Blessing
A Striking Contrast
A Striking Request
A Study in Words
A Treasure!
A Very Striking Contrast
A Voice from Prison
A Woman, a Mountain, a City
A Word of Exhortation
A Word to the Young Christian
Abraham’s Call
“Abraham … Offered Up Isaac”
Accepted in the Beloved
Accepted or Acceptable
Accepted with God and Acceptable to God
All Sunshine Makes a Desert
“Altogether Such as I am”
An Appeal for the Revival of an Old Custom
An Arrow Sharpened by Love
Anchored Within the Veil
“And Now Abides … These Three”
“And it was Winter”
Another Comforter
Answer to a Question – Fasting
Are You Really Trusting?
Athenians or Bereans
Back to First Principles
Because Thou Didst It
“Before Ye Ask Him”
Behaviour in Bereavement
Behold, I am Against the Shepherds
Behold I Make All Things New
Bigotry and Faithfulness
Bleeding and Blessing
Bodily Exercise and Godliness
“Born of Water”
Breadless Disciples
“Break Forth Into Joy, Sing Together”
By These Things Men Live
“By Water and Blood”
Carrying or Carried
Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters
Chewing the Cud and Dividing the Hoof
Christ’s Three Appearings
Christ, The Centre and Power
Christ, The Supreme Example
Christ, the Theme of all Scripture
Christ as Seen in the Epistle to the Philippians
Christ in Prophecy
Christ or Antichrist
Christianity in Function
Clearance and Acceptance
Comparative Studies in the Synoptic Gospels (fragments)
Correspondence—Knowing Christ after the Flesh
Correspondence—Sunday Evening Gospel Services
Correspondence—The New Birth
Counsel to Converts
“Couple Heaven with it”
Creation and Reconstruction; and The Typical Meaning of the Seven Days of Genesis 1
Daniel Purposed in His Heart
Demand and Supply
Democracy or Theocracy
Divine Inspiration
Divine Love
Do All Believers Receive the Holy Spirit?
Do You Love the Lord?
Do the Little Jobs Well and Clear Up as You Go
Doctrine and Manner of Life
Does God Care? (1)
Does God Care? (2)
Does God Care for Me?
Does God Plan Our Lives?
Does the Bible Teach Science?
Don’t go to Extremes!
Doth Not Even Nature Itself Teach You
Dual Lives
Eating and Worshipping
Elisha’s Call and its Lessons
Ephesians 2:21
Eternal Punishment
Even as Thy Soul Prospers
“Every Cloud has its Silver Lining”
Finality and Displacement
First and After
“First of All”
Five Mountain Peaks
Five Things Missing
Followers of Paul
Four Divine Principles
Gaius, Diotrephes and Demetrius
“Gentleness has Made Me Great”
Gideon’s Two Signs and their Significance
“Give Attendance to Reading”
Giving to the Lord
God’s Care of His Own
God’s Commands are God’s Enablings
God’s Dwelling Place
God’s Intervention in Human Affairs
God’s Sovereignty (1)
God’s Sovereignty (2)
God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility
God’s Two Dwelling Places
God’s Ways in Relation to the Gentiles
God, our Refuge and Strength
God My Justifier; God My Father
“God Testifying of His Gifts”
“God is Light”
“Grasped Opportunities”
Hannah’s Devotedness
“He Follows Not Us”
“He Knows Them that Trust in Him”
“He Spake this Parable”
“He That Came by Water and Blood”
Henceforth Know We No Man After the Flesh”
“His Mercy Endures Forever”
“Holy and Reverend is His Name”
“Holy and Without Blame”
Honouring God
How Does the Christian Stand in Relation to the World
How Psalm 23 Has Helped
“How Thou Oughtest to Behave Thyself”
“I Never Knew He Was So Near”
“I am the Resurrection and the Life”
I am the Way
“In Christ Jesus”
Is All Well?
Is There a Stain?
Is This Armageddon?
Is the Soul Immortal?
Isaiah 53
Jerusalem, Palestine and the Jews
“Jesus Himself”
Jesus Stood on the Shore
John’s First Epistle—Some Striking Features
Jonah—A Runaway, Stowaway, and Castaway
Justification—and Justification of Life
Key Words in the Epistle to the Hebrews
Known by its Fruit
Law and Grace
Lessons from the Tabernacle
“Let No Man Despise Thy Youth”
Living is Burning
Looking Where?
Love and Its Opposite
“Make Us Glad”
Mary—“Blessed … Among Women”
“Meet for the Master’s Use”
“Melchisedec … made like to the Son of God”
Multum in Parvo (Romans)
“My Heart Said”
“Narrowed Down”
“Nature is Stronger Than Man”
Nehemiah’s Wall and Gates
New Creation
Night, Twilight, Noontide
Notes on Malachi
“Now Learn the Parable of the Fig Tree”
Obedience Better than Sacrifice
Old Testament Saints
“On His Head Were Many Crowns” (2)
“On His Head were many Crowns” (1)
On Reading the Holy Scriptures
One Counts Two on a Division”
Our Dearest Wish
Our Greatest Lack as Christians
Outward Orthodoxy and Moral Condition
Paul’s Master Passions
Perfection and Failure
Philadelphia and Laodicea
Position and Practice
Possess Your Possessions
Practical Papers
Prayer (1)
Prayer (2)
Prayer in Relation to the War
“Pure Religion and Undefiled”
Q. Are All Christians Called to Definite Service for Christ?
Q. Children of Believers
Remarks on “A Day of Violence”
“Rest at Noon”
Rewarded Openly
Righteousness and Holiness
Ritualism and Rationalism: Their Characteristics and Cure
Ruling or Grinding
Saved: Yet So As By Fire”
Secret Life and Public Testimony
Self-Centred and Empty
Self-Centred or Christ-Centred
Seven Great Blessings
Seven Striking Contrasts
Shadow or Substance?
Shepherd Care
Should We Forgive?
Signs of Revival Already
Sins After Conversion
So-Called Contradictions in the Scriptures
“Solemn Nonsense”
Some Old Testament Studies
Some Thoughts on the Church of God
Sowing and Reaping (1)
Sowing and Reaping (2)
Spiritual Diplomacy
Spiritual Evacuation
“Standing Upon the Altar”
Standing and State
Stripped but Blessed
Suffering Saints
Sunshine and Salt
“Surely the Wrath of Man Shall Praise Thee”
“That Same Night”
The Activity of Grace
The Assembly as Seen in Hebrews
The Bible
The Christian Gentleman
The Church—The Body of Christ
“The Coming of the Lord”
The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
The Deity of the Lord Jesus
“The Desire of All Nations”
The Divine Response
The Epistle to the Romans
The Fast by the River of Ahava
The First Introduction of the Gospel into Europe
The Four Great Judgments
The Fruits of Conversion
The Future Life
The Gifts of Divine Love
The Gospel and the Church
The Holy Trinity
The House of God
The Invitation and the Response
The Israelites
The Jews!
The Judgment Seat of Christ
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Life Bought and Surrendered
The Longest Psalm
The Lord’s Supper
The Lord is Coming
The Man With One Talent
The Names of God in the Old Testament
The Nature and Ministry of Angels
The New Birth
The New Testament in Relation to the Old
The Old Gospel and the New Conditions
The Old Testament in Relation to the Death of Christ
The Olive Tree, The Fig Tree and the Vine
The Olive Tree
The Peace of God
The Person and Work of Christ
The Person of the Christ
The Power of Devotedness and Prayer
The Power of Transformation
The Rapture and the Appearing
The Reality of the Resurrection
The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus
The Revived Roman Empire
“The Right Order”
The Risen Christ
The Same Night”
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
The Shining Face
The Sign in the Depth and in the Height Above
The Simplicity of Christian Worship
The Son of God, the Centre and Power for Worship
“The Sons of the Prophets”
The Spirit’s Work in the Building Up of the Assembly
The Storm and the Calm
The Sun of Righteousness and the Bright Morning Star
The Titles of the Lord Jesus Christ
The Two Heads—Adam and Christ
The Unequal Yoke in Marriage
The Unity of Scripture
The Unity of the Spirit
The Wonder of Genesis 1
“The Word Became Flesh”
The Word of God
The Word of God is Not on its Trial
The Younger Generation
“Then Comes the End”
“These Three Mightiest”
“They Shall Never Perish”
They that Wait Upon the Lord
Three Dominant Verbs
Three Ways in which Prophecy is Presented
Tobiah’s Taunt
“Two Magnitudes”
Two Results Flowing from the Death of Christ
Unity and Division
Unity from Above
“Unto You it is Given”
Verbal Inspiration
Walkers and Talkers
“We Have Not Followed Cunningly Devised Fables”
What Does it Mean to be “In Christ”?
What Shall I Do With My Life?
What is Really Life?
What is meant by “The Lord’s Table”?
What is the Force of “Hades” as used in Scripture?
What is the Meaning of the Term “The New Jerusalem”?
“When He Was Come to Years”
“When the Son of Man Comes”
Where Do You Find The Power?
Where Does the Believer Walk?
Where Does the Security of the Believer Lie?
Where are the Young Men?
Who Builds?
Will the Church go through “the Great Tribulation”?
Wisdom, Love, and Power
Wisdom and Knowledge
Woman: Her Place in Scripture
“Work … Labour … Patience”
“Work Out Your Own Salvation”
Worldly Religion and Worldly Amusements
“Would that We had Listened Earlier”
“Ye Must be Born Again”