Text & Music Sources

Evangelist's Hymnal
This preliminary listing includes hymns which were later excluded during a selection process.
The notes at the end of each line refer firstly to the source of the hymn and secondly to the source of the tune. The glossary file gives the meaning of the abbreviations.

A blessing for you - will you take it? SS&S [750] 226
A glorious invitation. Red 184
A joyful sound the Gospel bears, EH 1Agnus Dei
A long time I wandered in darkness and sin, SS&S [1200] 846
A mind at "perfect peace" with God GT 2SS 15 C.M. SS
A ruler once came to Jesus by night, EH 5 SS&S[1200] 366
A Saviour who died AH 22
A trembling soul, I sought the Lord, Red 298?
After the sowing of sin is all done, Red 828
Alas and did my Saviour bleed EH 7 no chorus SS 359
All hail the power of Jesu's name! Good T 5 SS 133
"All things are ready," Come, EH 8 SS 201
All ye that pass by to Jesus draw nigh; HF 289 (SS 317)
"Almost persuaded," now to believe; (Fully) EH 9 SS&S[1200] 452
Amazing grace! How sweet the sound HF 50
And can it be, that I should gain Good T 7 SS 202 or SS 173
And did the Holy and the Just EH 10SS 359 SS
Art thou longing? Jesus calls Thee GB 233
At even e'er the sun was set, GB 602
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, SS 500 SS
Beautiful words of Jesus, Red 910 ?
Behold the Saviour at the door GT 8 SS&S[1200] 378
Behold the Lamb for sinners slain EH 17SS 229
Behold the Lamb tis He who bore EH 18SS 1
Behold the Man upon the Throne! EH 19SS 32
Behold what love, what boundless love, EH 21 SS&S[1200] 21
Behold what wondrous love and grace! EH 22SS 173 SS
Beneath the cross of Jesus GB 448 (SS149)
Blessed assurance EH 23 GB 279
Blessed be the SOUL-SAVING blood, GB 198
Blessed Lord our hallelujahs EH 24SS 36
Blessed Saviour, Son of God EH 25 SS&S 477
Break forth and sing the song EH 27SS 24 SS
By faith I see the Saviour dying EH 29 Mel &Chants 238?
By thee, O God, invited, EH 30 GB 506? SS
"Call them in" - the poor, the wretched EH 31 SS&S[1200] 391
Carry thy burden to Jesus, GC 75
Charming is the gospel story, EH 32 Hymnal Companion 529?
Christ delivered me when bound, EH 33SS 123 SS
Christ has for sin atonement made: SS&S[1200] 119 ?
Christ is coming, quickly coming, EH 34 SS&S[1200] 1029
Christ is the only Saviour mighty to save EH 35 SS&S[1200] 1063
Christ is the Saviour of sinners, EH 36 SS&S[1200] 306
Christ the Lord is risen today EH 37SS 34 (GB 169)
Christ the Lord will come again EH 38 SS121 SS
Christ the Saviour of sinners came EH 39 SS&S[1200] 357
Come every soul by sin oppressed, EH 41 SS&S[1200] 392
Come hear the gospel sound EH 42 HF 470
Come, let us all unite to sing, EH 43 SS&S[1200] 511
Come let us join our cheerful songs SS 102 SS 127 SS
"Come let us reason," saith the Lord: EH 44 SS&S[1200] 3 9 2
Come sing my soul, and praise the Lord EH45 Red797
Come thou weary! Jesus calls thee EH47 SS137
Come tis Jesus gently calling EH48 SS306
Come to the Saviour hear His loving voice! SS&S[1200] 413
Come to the Saviour make no delay: SS&S1165
Come to the Saviour now! EH 52SS 306
Come unto Me the Saviour doth say; GT 19 SS&S[1200] 498
Come unto Me, the Saviour saith, EH 54 SS&S[1200] 853
Come you weary, Jesus calls you
Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, Red 131
Come ye that love the Lord SS&S[1200] 823
Crowned is the Lord with crowns GB 2
Crown the gospel, God and Saviour, EH 57GB 27
Dear Saviour Thou art mine GB 396
Decide for Christ today EH 58 GB 240
Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Red 192
Depth of mercy! Can there be Red 278
Down from the splendour of His everlasting throne GB 193
Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine; GB 392
Everlasting glory unto Jesus be! EH 63 SS&S 706, SS 402 SS
Faith looks to Jesus crucified and risen from the dead GB 372
Far from God, away from Jesus Alex 24 ?
For God so loved the world He gave (Just as I am)
For God so loved this sinful world Red 811
Free from the law, oh happy condition! EH 67 SS&S[1200] 143
From the palace of His glory, EH 69SS 16
Fully persuaded (Almost) EH 71 SS&S[1200] 452
Gather them in! for yet there is room EH 72 SS&S[1200] 779
"Get right with God" - for life is sad & dreary  GT 28 AH 388?
Give me a sight, Oh Saviour GB 161
Glory, Glory everlasting, EH 74 SS 39 SS
Glory to God on High! EH 75 SS 142
Glory unto Him who died, SS 421 SS
Glory unto Jesus be! EH76SS 123 SS
God be with you till we meet again! -EH 77SS&S[1200] 298
God from His throne on high, GT 30GB 595
God in mercy sent His Son EH 78 SS&S[1200] 390 SS
God is calling the prodigal, Red 125
God is here and that to bless us GB 83
God loved the world of sinners lost EH 79SS&S[1200] 17
God loved the world so tenderly, SV[801] 99
God moves in a mysterious way SS 437New College? SS
God so loved the world, EH 82 GB 174
Grace there is my ev'ry debt to pay, Kes 558
Grace! 'tis a charming sound, EH 86 SS&S[1200] 8 SS
Great God of wonders EH 87SS 277 SS
Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God my Father LH 7
Hail to the Lords Anointed! EH 88SS 78 SS
Hallelujah Christ has conquered SS 292SS 295
Hark a voice is calling "Who will go today? SS&S[1200] 689
Hark, hark the voice of Christ, th sinner's   EH 92 SS 214
Hark how the gospel trumpet sounds, EH 93 SS&S[1200] 335
Hark my soul it is the Lord; SS&S[1200] 365
Hark sinner while God from on high doth   EH 94SS 8
Hark ten thousand voices crying EH 95SS 179 SS
Hark the glorious gospel, sounding far and EH 96 GB228 (SS&S389)
Hark the gospel news is sounding, Red 212
Hark the Saviours voice from heaven GT 40GB 259
Hark the voice of Jesus calling —EH 99SS 2
Hark there comes a whisper Good T 48GB 218
Hark tis the Shepherds voice SS&S[1200] 752
Hast heard the wondrous story told SS 287
Hast thou heard Gods wondrous message SS 46
Hast thou heard Him, seen Him, known Him? SS 308GB 467
Have you any room for Jesus EH 103 GB216 (SS&S443)
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansin EH 104 GB207 (SS&S379)
Have you read the story of the cross, AH 167
Have you thought what we owe to our Red 614
He dies! He dies! the lowly Man of Sorrows SS&S[1200] 171
He found me the lost and the wandering EH 107 SS&S 906 ?
He left the brightness of His homeGood T 52SS 113
He saves because He will: EH 109 GB 487
Hear the Saviour at the door, Red 188
Hearken! the day of God's grace closeth GT 45 SS&S 772
Hearken to the gospel story, oh so sweet GT 46 GB 646
"Himself He could not save;" GT 48 SS 37 SS
His hands were pierced, the hands that CSSM 284 & YP 116
His name is Jesus! None beside EH 112 GB 291
Ho everyone that is thirsty in spirit Red 207
Ho ye thirsty, Jesus calls you; EH 114 SS 36
How good is the God we adore, EH 117 SS 23 SS
How I praise thee, precious Saviour GB421 & Kes 353
How pleasant is the sound of praise! SS 317 SS
How solemn are the words, EH 118 SS 132
How sweet is the story of God's boundless EH 120 SS 495
How sweet the gospel trumpet sounds, EH 121 SS&S 45? 335*
How sweet the name OF JESUS sounds, EH 122 SS 475 SS
How vast, how full, how free, GT 54 SS 43
How wondrous the message that comes EH125 GB666
I am not told to labour EH 126 Red 52? GB506?
I am so glad that our Father in heav'n GB 685
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, EH 128 SS137
I bring my sins to Thee HF 304 SS&S 490
I cannot tell Kes 422 & Bapt183
I could not do without Thee EH129 SS&S 606
I gave My life for thee, EH 131 SS&S 621 ?
I have a Friend so precious, Red 719
I have a Friend whose faithful love NG 43
I have a Saviour, He's pleading in glory EH 134SS&S 350
I have a song I love to sing, SV 94 ?
I heard the words of love EH 135 SS 185
I hear the Saviour say," Thy strength is GB 254 ?
I hear Thy welcome voice Kes 435
I heard the voice of Jesus say, EH 136 SS 366
I know not why God's wondrous grace EH 138 SS&S[1200] 857
I lay my sins on Jesus Red 281
I looked to Jesus in my sin, EH 139SS&S[1200] 863
I love to sing of Jesus GT 63 SS 28 & GT 63
I love to tell the story EH 141 SS&S 46
I need Thee precious Jesus HF 292 SS 384
I once was a stranger to grace and to God EH 142 SS&S 897
I serve a risen Saviour GC 108
I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me GB 152
I take Jesus as my Saviour GC 131
I take Thy promise, Lord, in all its length Kes 107 & tune SS7
I thank Thee O my gracious God, EH 145 SS 176
I wandered far away??? not LH106???
I was a wandering sheep EH 146 SS&S 484 SS
I was once far away from the Saviour EH 147 SS&S 906
I was sinking deep in sin AH 379
I will sing of my Redeemer GB 8
I will sing the wondrous story of the Christ GB 158
I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus YP 58
I would sing of Christ's redeeming love GC 87
I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold LC 70
If I could find the oldest heart EH 152 CSSM 50
In tenderness He sought me GT 66 SS&S59
In loving-kindness Jesus came, AH 21
In the land of strangers EH 501 CC9 book?
In times like these LH 54
In Thy book, where glory bright GB 317
Is there a heart that is waiting, Red 194
Is there a sinner awaiting mercy & pardon SS&S 364
It is a thing most wonderful SS&S 1152
"It is finished"; sinners hear it Good T 75 GB 608
It passeth knowledge! that dear love of Thine EH 160 SS&S 620
It was down at the feet Red 316
I've found a Friend, oh, such a friend EH 161 SS&S871 SS
I've read of a Saviour NG 30??
I've wandered far away from God SS&S471?
Jesus calls us o'er the tumult GB 467 SS
Jesus can all your sins GHC 59 SS&S 392
Jesus Christ is passing by EH 163 SS108
Jesus died for sinners, on the cross He bled GT 70 SS&S 650
Jesus I will trust Thee, trustThee with my EH 166 SS&S 468
Jesus is a Friend of mine, is He yours, NG 39
Jesus is a loving Saviour, Good T 83 SS&S962?
Jesus is coming! Sing the glad word! EH 167 SS&S 178
Jesus is Lord??
Jesus is tenderly calling thee home GB 238
Jesus lived, He lived for VC 98/GHC 65GB 276
Jesus lover of my soul, EH 168 Red 428
Jesus loves me GB 661
Jesus my Lord to Thee I cry EH 169 SS&S 476
Jesus my Saviour to Bethlehem came EH 170 SS&S 40
Jesus! O name of power divine EH 171 SS 94
Jesus once was dead, now liveth! EH 172SS 2
Jesus, our life, is risen —EH 173 SS 78
Jesus Saviour precious name EH 177 SS&S 102
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun?? GT 81 SS 87 SS
Jesus spotless Son of God EH 178 SS 123
Jesus the Lord is risen EH 181 GB 487?
Jesus the Lord our righteousness! EH 182 SS 93 SS
Jesus the very thought of Thee EH 183 SS 6 SS
Jesus Thou alone art worthy EH 184 SS 14 SS
Jesus, Thy head once crowned with thorns EH 185 SS&S 141 SS
Jesus Thy blood and righteousness SS&S 177
Join all the glorious names EH 188 GB 487
Just as I am — without one plea, EH 189 SS&S 473
Just as Thou art — without one trace EH 190 HF 282
Just as you are there's a welcome for you, NG 103
Just on the threshold! Oh why not come in  EH 191 SS&S 615
Just one touch as He moves along Red 720
Let all who love the Saviour's name Good T 94 GB 155
Let earth and heaven agree, EH 195 GB 487
Let us sing of His love once again, EH 197 SS&S 964
Let us sing of the love of the Lord EH 198 SS&S 15
Life at best is very brief EH 505 SS&S 437
Life through the death of Jesus GT 89 SS&S 57
Like to sheep we wandered GT 90 SS&S 344
Lo a loving friend is waiting GHC 77 SS 137 ?
Long I have wandered afar from my Lord Red 288
Look to Jesus, weary one, EH 201 SS&S 371
"Look unto Me, and be ye saved!" EH 202 GB 383
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious! EH 203 SS&S 127 SS
Lord bring some wanderers home EH 204 Red 892
Lord I am Thine: in mercy Thou hast broken GT 94 SS&S 550
Lord I hear of showers of blessing EH 206 SS&S 485?
Lord Thou hast sought, and with blood GT 96 SS&S 798 SS
Love Divine, all praise excelling, EH 215 Red 67 SS
Loved with everlasting love Red 336
Low in the grave He lay EH 216 SS&S 152SS
"Man of sorrows! " what a name EH 217 SS&S190 SS
Master the tempest? VC151?
Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow EH218 SS&S669
My faith has found a resting place GB 291
My faith looks up to Thee SS&S 235
My God I have found the thrice blessed EH 220 SS&S 131
My heart is fixed, eternal God, EH 221 Kes 63
My hope on nothing less is built EH 222? VC 148?
My sins have been cast in the depths of the sea GC 73
My song shall be of Jesus! EH225 SS&S 67
My tongue shall spread the Saviour's fame EH 226 SS 327
Name of Jesus! Highest name! EH 227 SS&S 365
No act of power could e'er atone, GT 99 SS 88SS
Not all the blood of beasts EH 234 SS&S 117 SS
Not all the gold of all the world, Good T 112 GB 75
Nothing to pay! ah,  nothing to pay! GB 246
Nothing either great or small; EH 239 SS&S 669
Not saved are we by trying? GHC 83? SS&S 46?
Not what these hands have done HF 285
Now He will save you, now He will bless Red 261
Now in a song of grateful praise, SS 100 GB 625 Rimmington SS
O blessed gospel sound GHC 84 GB 562
O Christ in Thee my soul my soul hath found EH 527 SS&S 853
O Christ what burdens bowed Thy head SS 138SS
Oh! come, poor needy sinner, EH 276 SS&S 176
O come, sinner, come! 'tis mercy's call; Red 237
Oh! come to Jesus now, EH 277SS 109
O come to the Saviour, He's calling today.  EH 278 SS&S 777
Oh! do not let the word depart, EH 279 SS&S 335
O for a thousand tongues to sing EH 280 GB 16
O God, our hearts are lifted GT 108 SS 341
O happy day, that fixed my choice EH 250 Red 622
O have you not heard of that wonderfullove GHC 88?
O how sweet the glorious message, SV 22
O Jesus friend unfailing, EH 254 SS 360SS
O Jesus I have purposed EH 255 VC126 SS360/328! SS258SS?
O Jesus, Lord, Thou stoodest in my stead:  EH 257 Red 940
Oh, joy of the justified, joy of the free, EH 383 GB 561
O let us sing the story? GHC 193?7.6.?
O Lord I bring to Thee GT 115 SS&S 621
O Lord most high, Thou holy God and Saviour YP 15
O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder sep.sheet. YP 15
O Lord what love for sinners Thou hast EH 265 SS&S1041? CC39?
O love that will not let me go ?? SS&S 633?
O precious words that Jesus said: —EH 284 SS&S 71
O safe to the Rock that is higher than I, SS&S 519
O Saviour, precious Saviour, EH 268? NH 81?
O say hast thou been to the Saviour, EH 269? SS&S 906?fit?
O sinner, come to Jesus, — come away. GT 117 GB 388
O speak of Jesus — of that love EH 286 SS 224
O sweet is the story of Jesus. GB 145
O teach me what it meaneth EH 287 SS 384
O the deep deep love GB 138
O the love of God is boundless, GT 125 SS&S 1029
O the peace for ever flowing GT 126SS 14SS
O the precious gospel story SS&S 353
O walk with Jesus would'st thou know GB391
O what a gift the Father gave EH 294 SS&S 17SS
O what a glorious truth is this —EH 295 Red 111
O what a Saviour, how great is His love! sep. sheet SS&S 40
O what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord! EH 296 SS&S 949SS
O what a Saviour — that He died for me! EH 298 SS&S 359
O what has Jesus done for me? EH 299CP 683
O what will you do with Jesus GB 209
O word of words the sweetest, GB 211
O why not say "Yes" to the Saviour tonight GT 128 AH 87
Of all the gifts Thy love bestows SS 1 SS 156 or 1SS
On Christ salvation rests secure; EH 301 SS 429SS
On earth the song begins, EH 302 GB 487
On His Fathers throne is seated EH 303 SS 2 SS
On that bright and golden morning when the Son of Man SS&S 159
Once again the gospel message EH 305 SS&S 381
Once we stood in condemnation, GT 130 SS 14SS
One day when heaven was filled with His praises GB 129
One there is above all others, EH 309 SS&S 65
One there is who loves thee SS&S 445
Only a step to Jesus! SS&S 448 SS
Our Lord is now rejected, EH 311 GB 180
Our sins were borne by Jesus, EH 313 SS 341
Ours is a pardon bought with blood GT 134 GB 625 2nd tune
Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night, GB 229
Out on the desert, seeking, seeking, GT 135 SS&S 479
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour; SS&S 488
Passing onward, quickly passing; GT 137 SS 2
Peace perfect peace, in this dark world of sin? GB 338
Peace was procured by Christ, the Son EH 316 SS 7
Praise the Lord of heaven ?AM 381?
Praise the Lord who died to save us Good T 155 GB 253
Praise the Saviour ye who know Him, EH 320 SS 476SS
Precious name! the name of Jesus, EH 324 SS 194SS
Precious, precious blood of Jesus, EH 325 SS 137 SS
Precious word of deepest meaning, GT 141 GB 557
Prove Him an almighty Saviour GB 255
Ransomed for ever from sin's galling chain  GT 142 SS&S 949
Ransomed saints, your voices raise, EH 329 HF 541
Redeemd, how I love to proclaim it SV 103
Redemption! oh, wonderful story —GB 268
Rejoice and be glad! the Redeemer has come EH 331 GB 29
Repeat the story o'er and o'er, EH 332 SS&S 665
"Revive Thy work, O Lord!" EH 335 Red 65SS
"Rich in mercy," Jesus died EH 336 GB 185
Rock of ages! cleft for me EH 339 GB 252SS
Safe in Christ the weakest child EH 341 SS&S 134
Safe is the vilest sinner, who, confiding GT 148 GB 497
Salvation! Oh salvation! EH 343 HF 579
Salvation! Oh the joyful sound, EH 344 SS 144
Saved for glory! yes, for glory, EH 345 SS 51
Saved through the blood of Jesus, EH 346 SS&S 57
Saviour blessed Saviour Kes 266? Norfolk Park?
Seek ye first, not earthly pleasure Kes 37 HF 282
Seeking the lost, yes kindly entreating SH197?
Shall hymns of grateful love GB 55? SS 148?
Shall we gather at His coming, GHC 108? VC 281?
She only touched the hem of His garment Good T 173 SS&S 55
Simply trusting every day, Good T 174 SS&S 836
Since Christ my soul from sin set free Red 368?
Sing the Saviour's praises! ye redeemed sep. sheet GHC111 SS&S 650
Sing them over again to me, Good T 175 GB 262
Sinner how thy heart is troubled! SS&S 345
Sinners Jesus will receive: EH 353 SS&S 390
Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling, GT 154 SS&S 414
Soldiers of Christ arise SS 217 SS 55
Sometimes my heart o'erflows with song, GT 155 SS&S 978
Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness SV 105
Sowing the seed by the daylight fair, EH 355 SS&S 1057
Stand up & bless the Lord AM 706?
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, GT 156 HF 388
Standing on the promises of Christ my King GB 272
Tell me the old old story GB 204
Tell me the story of Jesus GB 123
Tell out the gospel of God from above GT 158? ST 40 No2?
Tell out the Saviours fame! GT 159 Bristol 147
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus, GT 160 SS&S 680
The blessed Saviour, as He trod Good T 184 GB 156
The Bible tells of Jesus' wondrous love, sep. sheet AH ?279?
The cross it standeth fast, EH 365 SS&S 1181
The dear old story of a Saviour's love SS&S 510 ?
The gospel bells are ringing, EH 368 GB 200
The gospel is of God EH 369 SS&S 490
The gospel of Thy grace my stubborn heart EH 370 SS&S 490
The great atoning work is done, Good T 190 SS 87
The head that once was crowned with thorns SS 285 SS&S 141SS
The holy Lamb has died, EH 373 SS 238
The King of love my Shepherd is, GT 167 GB 390
The Lamb was slain, His precious blood EH 374 SS 173
The Lord of love and righteousness Good T 192 GB 402?
The Lords my Shepherd, I'll not want SS 299
The love of God is greater far ?LC 96?
The love of God is righteous love EH 378 Red 797
The love that Jesus had for me, GB 153
The One who healed the leper EH 381 SS&S 606
The perfect righteousness of God EH 382 SS 87SS
The precious blood of Jesus EH 383 SS&S 46
The Saviour died; His precious blood GT 174 SS&S 89
The Saviour has died to redeem you AH 34
The Saviour, Jesus, left the skies EH 386 SS 113
The Saviour lives! no more to die! EH 387 SS 87
The Son of God, who dwelt in light EH 389 SS 94
The sprinkled blood is speaking EH 390 SS 157
The wanderer no more will roam, EH 392 HF 282
The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin, GB 205
There comes to my heart one sweet strain  GT 177 SS&S 657
There is a better world, they say, EH 393 SV 253
There is a city bright GB 564
There is a fountain filled with blood EH 394 SS&S 129
There is a gate that open stands EH 396 SS&S 372
There is a green hill far away SS&S 1134
There is love that passeth human knowledge EH 397 GB 497
There is a name I love to hear, EH 398? LC63?
There is a stream of precious blood GT179 SS
There is forgiveness, God doth say EH 401 SV 253
There is life in a look at the crucified EH 402 SS&S 123
There is none other but Jesus the Lord, GT 185 AH 169
"There shall be showers of blessing!" EH 403 SS&S 306
There were ninety and nine that safely lay GT 186 SS&S 97
There's a home prepared in heaven sep. sheet SS 422
Theres a land that is fairer than day EH 405 SS&S 964?
Theres a voice that is calling to theeEH 407 SS&S 964
Theres rest for thee, O weary soul! EH 409 HF not 95, 46?
Theres a Stranger at the door: EH 406 SS&S 363
Theres a wideness????
They spake to Him of old who sat EH 410 GB 291
Thou alone Lord Jesus canst true peace EH 413 SS&S 525
Thou didst leave thy throne and Thy kingly  EH 417 SS&S 35
Thou Thou art worthy SS 248 SS 79SS
Thou wast the Image SS 212 SS 208
Though your sins be as scarlet AH220
Though your sins may be red and like scarlet Red 825
Through the love of God our Saviour EH 421 SV 277SS
Through the name of Jesus mercy flows GT 188 SS&S 650
Thy life was given for me! SS&S 622/1
Thy Saviour calls! Oh, come and see EH 426 SS&S 362
Time is earnest, passing by; GT 190 SS 143
Tis a faithful word and true, EH 510 SS&S 437
Tis a true and faithful saying, EH 428 SS&S 367
Tis so sweet to trust Red 426
Tis the gospel of God, full salvation to give  EH 430 SS&S 841
To God be the glory, great things He hath  EH 432 SS&S 23
To the work, to the work SS&S 751
To this world of sin and woe EH 433 SS&S 243?
To us our God His love commends EH 434 SS 176
Twas for me my Saviour suffered GT 192AH 50
Twas not for our great love to Thee SS 113SS
Wandering far from God I found myself one weary day GS11- 22
Was it for me, for me alone Red 81
We adore Thee evermore, Hallelujah! SS 34
We are by Christ redeemed SS 316
We are glad we ever heard that blessed EH 441 GB 637
We have found a friend in Jesus EH 442 HF 427
We have heard the joyful sound: Good T 220 GB 620
We know there's a bright and a glorious EH 443 Red 167
We praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy EH 444 SS&S 224
We saw Thee not when Thou didst come Good T 222 GB 124
We sing the praise of Him who died EH 445 SS 87SS
We speak of the mercy of God EH 446 Red 476/5
Weeping will not save me! EH 454 SS&S 337
Well may we sing! with triumph sing EH 456 SS 94
We're travelling home to heaven above EH 452 Red 112/1
What a friend we have in Jesus SS 306SS
What a wonderful change AH 378
What can wash away my stain? EH 458 GB 146
What means this eager, anxious throng, EH 461 SS&S 77
"What think ye of Christ?" is the test EH 464? M&C 197?
What was it, blessed God, EH 465 GB 487SS
What will ye do in that great day EH 466 SS 173
When all my labours and trials are o'er Red 366
When first I heard of Jesus' name EH 468 SS 223
When first o'erwhelmed with sin and shame EH 469 SS 173
When God of old the way of life GT 200 GB 159
When I fear my faith will fail AH 1
When I survey the wondrous cross SS 283SS
When peace like a river, attendeth my way EH 472 GB 274
When the Saviour said "Tis finished!" EH 473 SS 14
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound  SS 983
When this passing world is done EH 474 GB 181
When upon lifes billows you are tempest-  EH 517 GB 518
When wandering far from the Father's EH 476 SS&S 847
When we walk with the Lord GB 463
Where is now the sinner's Surety EH 478 SS 2
Where will you spend eternity? EH 479 SS&S 430
Wherefore do you linger GT 205 SS 43
While Jesus whispers to you SS&S 336
While we pray, and while we plead SS&S 341
Who can cheer the heart? LC 61?
Who is He in yonder stall EH 481 SS&S 66
Who is on the Lords side? EH 483 SS&S 792
Whosoever receiveth thecrucified One EH 484? CC 61?
"Whosoever heareth," shout, shout the EH 485 SS&S 389
Why do you wait, poor sinner? EH 508 SS&S 351
Why in darkness will you stray? sep. sheet?
Why unbelieving? why wilt thou spurn EH 487 SS&S 452
Why wilt thou linger, why wilt thou die, EH 488 SS&S 452
Why will ye die? sep. sheet?
Will you take Jesus to be your guide AH 159
Will you anchor hold in the storms of life   EH 490 SS&S 879
Wilt thou come or wilt thou linger? EH 491 SS 194
Wilt thou yield to loves entreaty sep. sheet SS 194
With harps and with vials there stands a great throng SS&S 1023
Wonderful grace of Jesus greater than all my sin; —YP 26
Wonderful story of love: tell it to me again; SV 77
Wonderful birth to a manger? LC 24?
Wondrous love of Jesus! spread the news around SV 8
Wondrous is the simple story EH 494 SS 39
Wounded for me, wounded for me, GT 210??
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, SS 300
You seek for peace? You'll find no peace sep. sheet