Evangelist's Hymnal

compiled by Harry Mills of Harrow

Our brother was exercised in about 1995 to produce a new collection of gospel hymns. The Lord saw fit to call him home shortly afterwards before the collection could be published. The hymns listed here are the selections that he made. Chapter Two has many of these in music script form. Our brother chose the tunes and the type-setting was almost complete. If any are interested they may be able to view them at Chapter Two. An initial attempt was made to edit some of the archaic expressions while retaining addressing the Lord using 'Thou'. Users will notice a number of places where no conclusion was reached with the editing.

Section 1 A blessing for you — Christ the Saviour of sinners came into the world to save
Section 2 Come every soul by sin oppressed, there’s mercy with the Lord — Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father!
Section 3 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed! Great David’s greater Son — I have a Friend whose faithful love is more than all the world to me.
Section 4 I have a Saviour: He’s pleading in glory — Jesus died for sinners, on the cross He bled, to redeem from hell my guilty soul.
Section 5 Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to Thy bosom fly — My faith looks up to Thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary
Section 6 My God I have found the thrice blessèd ground — Oh, what a gift the Father gave when He bestowed His Son
Section 7 Oh, what a glorious truth is this—Jesus died! — Seek you first, not earthly pleasure, ... but the love that knows no measure
Section 8 Shall hymns of grateful love through heaven’s high arches ring — The wanderer no more will roam
Section 9 The whole world was lost in the darkness of sin: The Light of the world is Jesus — ’Twas not for our great love to Thee that Thou didst send Thy Son
Section 10 Wandering far from God I found myself one weary day — “Yet there is room!”
Section 11 Surplus hymns
Complete List of titles with the sources of the text and tunes
Glossary for the complete list


That which is given below is only an indication of the proposed contents of the hymn book.

Section 1

A blessing for you.
A glorious invitation.
A joyful sound.
A long time I wandered.
A mind at perfect peace
A pilgrim was I, and a-wand’ring,
A ruler once came
A Saviour  who died
A trembling soul
After the sowing of sin
Alas and did my Saviour bleed
All things are ready come
All ye that pass by
Almost persuaded (Fully)
Amazing grace
And can it be
And did the Holy
Are you longing
At even e'er the sun
At the name of Jesus

Beautiful words of Jesus
Behold the Saviour at the door
Behold the Lamb for sinners slain
Behold the Lamb tis He who bore
Behold the Man upon the Throne!
Behold what love
Behold what wondrous love
Beneath the cross
Blessèd assurance
Blessèd be the soul-saving blood
Blessèd Saviour, Son of God
Break forth and sing the song
By faith I see
By thee O God invited

Call them in
Carry your burden
Charming is the gospel
Christ delivered me when bound
Christ did for sins atone
Christ has for sin atonement
Christ is coming
Christ is the only Saviour
Christ is the Saviour
Christ the Lord will come
Christ the Saviour of sinners

Section 2

Come every soul by sin
Come hear the gospel
Come let us all unite
Come let us join our cheerful songs
Come let us reason
Come let us sing of a wonderful love
Come sing my soul
Come you weary
Come 'tis Jesus gently calling
Come to the Saviour hear His
Come to the Saviour make no
Come to the Saviour now
Come unto Me, and I will give you rest
Come unto Me the Saviour did say
Come unto Me the Saviour saith
Come, dear sinners, poor and needy
Come ye that love the Lord
Crown Him with many crowns
Crown the gospel

Dear Saviour Thou art mine
Decide for Christ today
Do you feel the heavy burden
Down at the cross
Down from the glory came God's blessed Son
Depth of mercy
Down from the splendour

Everlasting glory unto Jesus be

Faith looks to Jesus
Far from God
For God so loved the world
For God so loved this sinful
Free from the law
Fully persuaded (Almost)

Gather them in
Get right with God
Give me a sight
Glory Glory everlasting
Glory to God on High
Glory unto Him
Glory unto Jesus be
God be with you till
God from His throne
God has proved His love to sinners poor and lost
God in mercy sent His Son
God is calling the prodigal
God is here and that to
God is sending out the message
God loved the world of sinners
God loved the world so tenderly
God moves in a mysterious way
God so loved the world
Grace tis a charming sound
Great God of wonders
Great is Thy faithfulness

Section 3

Hail to the Lords Anointed
Hallelujah Christ has conquered
Hark, hark the voice of Christ
Hark how the gospel trumpet
Hark my soul it is
Hark sinner while God
Hark ten thousand voices
Hark the glorious gospel
Hark the gospel news
Hark the Saviours voice
Hark the voice of Jesus
Hark there comes a whisper
Hark tis the Shepherds voice
Hast heard the wondrous
Hast thou heard Gods wondrous message
Hast thou heard Him
Have you any room
Have you been to Jesus
Have you heard the voice of Jesus
Have you read the story
Have you thought what
He dies, He dies
He found me the lost and
He left the brightness
He saves because He will
Hear the Saviour at the door
Hearken the day of God's
Hearken to the gospel story
Himself He could not save
His hands were pierced
His name is Jesus! None beside
Ho everyone that is thirsty
Ho ye thirsty, Jesus calls you
How good is the God we adore
How I praise thee
How matchless is God's wondrous love!
How pleasant is the sound
How solemn are the words
How sweet is the story
How sweet the gospel trumpet
How sweet the name
How vast, how full
How wondrous a Saviour is God's blessed Son!
How wondrous the message

I am not told to labour
I am so glad
I am trusting Thee
I bring my sins to Thee
I cannot tell
I could not do without Thee
I gave My life for thee
I have a Friend so precious
I have a Friend whose faithful love

Section 4

I have a Saviour, He's pleading
I have a song
I hear the Saviour say
I hear Thy welcome voice
I heard the voice of Jesus
I know not why
I lay my sins on Jesus
I looked to Jesus
I love to sing of Jesus
I love to tell the story
I need Thee precious Jesus
I once was a stranger
I serve a risen Saviour
I stand all amazed
I take Jesus
I take Thy promise
I was a wandering sheep
I was once far away
I was sinking
I will sing of my Redeemer
I will sing the wondrous
I would love to tell
I would sing of Jesus
I'd rather have Jesus
If I gained the world, but not the Saviour
In tenderness He sought me
In loving-kindness Jesus came
In the land of strangers
In times like these
In Thy book where
Is there a heart that is
Is there a sinner
It is a thing most wonderful
It is finished
It is the blood, Christ’s precious blood
It passeth knowledge
It was down at the feet
I've found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!
I've found a Friend who is all to me
I've read of a Saviour
I’ve wandered far away from God

Jesus calls us o'er the tumult
Jesus can all your sins
Jesus Christ is passing by
Jesus I will trust Thee
Jesus is a Friend of mine
Jesus is a glorious Saviour
Jesus is a loving Saviour
Jesus is coming
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is tenderly calling
Jesus lingers still—’tis for you He waits
Jesus lived, He lived for sinners

Jesus died for sinners

Section 5

Jesus lover of my soul
Jesus loves me
Jesus my Lord to Thee I cry
Jesus, my Saviour, come I to Thee
Jesus my Saviour to Bethlehem
Jesus once was dead
Jesus our life is risen
Jesus Saviour precious name
Jesus shall reign
Jesus spotless Son of God
Jesus the Lord is risen
Jesus the Lord our righteousness
Jesus the very thought
Jesus Thou alone art
Jesus thy head once crowned
Jesus Thy blood and righteousness
Join all the glorious names
Just as I am without
Just as Thou art
Just as you are
Just on the threshold
Just one touch

Let all who love the Saviour's name
Let earth and heaven agree
Let us sing of His love
Let us sing of the love of
Life atbest is very brief
Life through the death of
Like to sheep we wandered
Little thought Samaria’s daughter
Lo a loving friend is waiting
Long I have wandered
Look to Jesus weary one
Look unto Me
Look ye saints
Lord bring some wanderers home
Lord I am Thine
Lord I hear of showers
Lord Thou hast sought
Love Divine all praise excelling
Loved with everlasting love
Loving Saviour, Thou art calling
Low in the grave He lay

Man of sorrows
Midst the darkness
My faith has found
My faith looks up to Thee

Section 6

My God I have found
My heart is fixed
My hope on nothing less is built
My sins have been cast in the depths of the sea
My song is love unknown
My song shall be of Jesus
My tongue shall spread the Saviour’s fame

Name of Jesus! Highest name!
No act of power
No silver or gold has obtained my redemption
Not all the blood of beasts
Not all the gold
Nothing either great or small
Nothing to pay!
Not saved are we by trying
Not what these hands
Now He will save you
Now in a song of grateful praise
Now that wondrous, living story

O blessed gospel  sound
O Christ in thee my soul
O Christ what burdens
O come poor needy sinner
O come sinner come
O come to Jesus now
O come to the Saviour
O do not let the word
O for a thousand tongues
O God our hearts are lifted
O happy day
O have you not heard
Oh! heart of God, told out in wondrous love
O how sweet the glorious
O Jesus friend unfailing
O Jesus I have purposed
O Jesus Lord Thou stoodest
O Joy of the justified
O let us sing the story
O Lord I bring to Thee
O Lord most high
O Lord my God when I in
O Lord what love for sinners
Oh, lost one, in the wilds of sin
O love that will not let me go
O precious words that Jesus said
O safe to the Rock
O Saviour precious Saviour
O say have you been
O sinner come to Jesus
O speak of Jesus
O sweet is the story
O teach me what it meaneth
O the deep deep love
O the love of God is boundless
O the peace for ever flowing
O the precious gospel story
O walk with Jesus
O what a gift the Father gave

Section 7

O what a glorious truth
O what a Saviour, how great
O what a Saviour is Jesus
O what a Saviour that He died
O what has Jesus done for me
O what will you do with Jesus
O word of words the sweetest
O why not say yes
Of all the gifts
On Calvary’s brow my Saviour died
On Christ salvation rests
On His Fathers throne is seated
On that bright and golden
Once again the gospel
Once from glory’s height descending
Once we stood in condemnation
One day when heaven
One there is who loves thee
Only a step
Our Lord is now rejected
Our sins were borne by Jesus
Ours is a pardon
Out in the desert
Out of my bondage

Pass me not
Passing onward
Peace was procured
Praise the Lord who died
Praise the Saviour we who know Him
Precious name the name of
Precious precious blood
Precious word of deepest meaning
Prove Him an almighty Saviour

Ransomed for ever
Ransomed saints your voices
Redeemed how I love to
Redemption O wonderful story
Rejoice and be glad
Repeat the story
Rescued when perishing
Revive Thy work
Rich in mercy Jesus
Rock of ages

Safe in Christ
Safe is the vilest sinner
Salvation O salvation
Salvation O the joyful
Saved for glory
Saved through the blood
Saviour blessed Saviour
Seeking the lost, yes kindly entreating
Seek ye first

Section 8

Shall hymns of grateful
Shall we gather at His
She only touched the hem of
Simply trusting every day
Since Christ my soul
Sing the Saviours praises ye redeemed
Sing them over again to me
Sinner how thy heart
Sinners Jesus will receive
Softly and tenderly
Soldiers of Christ arise
Sometimes my heart
Sowing in the morning
Sowing the seed
Stand up & bless the Lord
Stand up stand up for Jesus
Standing on the promises

Tell me the old old story
Tell me the story of Jesus
Tell out the gospel of God
Tell out the Saviours fame
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus
That grand word “Whosoever”
The blessed Saviour
The Bible tells of Jesus
The Bible tells us Jesus came
The dear old story
The gospel bells are ringing
The gospel is of God
The gospel of Thy grace
The great atoning work
The head that once was crowned
The King of love my Shepherd is
The Lamb was slain
The lord of love
The Lords my Shepherd
The love of God is righteous
The love that Jesus had
The One who healed the leper
The perfect righteousness of God
The precious blood of Jesus
The Saviour died His
The Saviour has died to redeem
The Saviour Jesus left
The Saviour lives
The Son of God who dwelt
The sprinkled blood
The wanderer no more will roam

Section 9

The whole world was lost
There comes to my heart
There is a better world
There is a city bright
There is a gate
There is a green hill
There is love that
There is a name I love to hear
There is a stream of precious blood
There is a wondrous story
There is forgiveness
There is life in a look
There is mercy for all
There is none other but Jesus
There shall be showers of blessing
There were ninety and nine
There was One who was willing to die in my stead
Theres a home
Theres a land that is fairer than day
Theres a voice that is calling
Theres rest for thee
Theres a Stranger at the door
Theres a wideness
They nailed my Lord upon the tree
They spake to Him
Thou alone Lord Jesus canst
Thou didst leave thy throne
Thou Thou art worthy
Thou wast the Image
Though your sins
Tho’ your sins may be red
Through the love of God
Through the name of Jesus
Throw out the life-line
Thy life was given for me
Thy Saviour calls O come
Thy works, not mine, O Christ
Time is earnest
Tis a faithful word and true
Tis a true and faithful saying
Tis so sweet to trust
Tis the gospel of God
To God be the glory
To the work
To this world of sin
To us our God His love commends
To-day Thy mercy calls us
Twas for me my Saviour
Twas not for our great love

Section 10

Wandering far from God
Was it for me
We are glad we ever heard
We have found a friend in Jesus
We have heard the joyful sound
We know theres a bright
We praise Thee O God
We saw Thee not
We sing the praise of Him
We speak of the mercy
Weeping will not save me
Well may we sing
We're travelling home to heaven
What a friend we have in Jesus
What a wonderful change
What can wash away
What means this eager
What think ye of christ
What was it blessed God
What will ye do in that
When all my labours
When first I heard
When first o'erwhelmed
When God of old
When I fear my faith will fail
When I survey
When peace like a river
When the Saviour said
When the trumpet of the Lord
When this passing world
When upon lifes billows
When wandering far
When we walk with the Lord
Where is now the sinners Surety
Where will you spend eternity
Wherefore do you linger
While Jesus whispers to you
While we pray
Who can cheer the heart
Who is He in yonder stall
Who is on the Lords side
Whosoever receiveth the crucfied
Whosoever heareth
Why do you wait
Why in darkness will you stray
Why unbelieving why wilt
Why wilt thou linger
Will you take Jesus
Will your anchor hold
Wilt thou come or wilt thou linger
Wilt thou yield to loves
With harps and with vials
Wonderful grace of Jesus
Wonderful love that rescued me
Wonderful story of love
Wondrous love of Jesus
Wondrous is the simple story
Wounded for me

Years I spent in vanity and pride
Yes, mercy’s gate stands open wide
Yet there is room!
Ye servants of God